Weight Loss-Hair Loss Links: Myths And Truth

weight loss hair lossSo, you finally started losing some pounds, after months of thinking over the best diet plan and getting ready for forgetting about your favorite cupcakes and chocolate desserts. You’ve probably chosen a crash diet or decided to use a famous low-calorie diet like Atkins diet, in conjunction with plenty of physical exercise. Instead of watching TV shows or chatting online, you have started jogging or cycling every night. And, at last, the first results have shown and you can finally fit into your most sexy dresses or pants. You’re feeling happy and very very light, until you start noticing a new problem which can seriously affect your sexy look and self-esteem. Yes, it’s hair thinning and fall. Most of low calorie diets can be a great solution to lose wight. However, they very often lead to decreased nutrient intake, causing hair becoming brittle, weak, dull, and eventually falling out.

It is a known fact that poor nutrition is considered one of the leading causes of hair loss in women. Those modern ladies who are constantly on diet, who swing from crash diets to the periods of total overeating have increased chances of suffering from hair loss. From this perspective, there are very strong weight loss-hair loss links, especially if we are talking about those who like crash diets based on consuming one or two-three types of foods for several days. “The nutrients crucial for hair health are omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin C. They are severely lacking when one is on a weight loss diet,” said Neelanjana Singh, one of the specialists at Nutri Life Clinic in the UK. Her colleague from Enhance Aesthetic & Cosmetic Studio underlines that most of the popular weight loss diets are very poor in proteins, and a lack of this nutrient also causes hair thinning and loss.

There is another factor responsible for weight loss-hair loss links. Many of those women who are trying to lose weight and are especially interested in losing weight fast use various weight loss pills and other medications speeding up metabolism and maximizing their weight loss efforts. Studies have shown that using such pills or supplements have negative effects on hair health and also can cause hair thinning. Besides, according to Neelanjana Singh, such weight loss boosters as notorious steroids and steroid-based medications which are quite often used by those who are choosing doing plenty of exercises and physical activities as an effective approach for reducing body mass, can have the most serious effects and really became a cause for serious problems with hair health. “These steroids are similar to testosterone, a main contributor to hair loss,” the expert said.

In order to prevent possible hair problems caused by your efforts to lose weight, it is necessary to learn as much as possible information about safe weight loss strategies and break all weight loss-hair loss connections. Remember that only a balanced diet low in calories combined with plenty of physical activities can be the best solution both for perfect body mass and for excellent hair health. Providing your body with all natural nutrients and micro-elements can guarantee you great health and gorgeous hair. Be sure to include to your diet not only fresh fruits and vegetables known for their high content of natural nutrients, but also low fat dairy products, legumes, cereal, whole grains, and other foods important for our health and hair growth. It can also be a smart idea to talk to your health care specialist or a qualified nutritionist before starting any kind of weight loss diet plan in order to make sure that you’re still getting all essential nutrients for your health and hair growth.

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