Wash Your Hair the Right Way

The abundance of various hair care products at the market frequently confuses modern customers, and very often we feel lost in the thousands of available options. That is why many women are certain that choosing a shampoo is much harder than using it. Well, the issue of selecting hair care products that will work best for your particular hair type requires a lot of attention and will be a subject of our next articles. Today, let’s talk about using your shampoo as one of the most powerful tools to keep your hair loss under control.

Washing HairWhen it comes to washing hair, we all usually follow three easy steps: wet the hair, lather and rinse. However, not everything is that simple, and it is necessary to take into account several important nuances in order to optimize the effects of washing your hair and use your hair care products to the fullest extent. Take a coupe of minutes and learn how to make your hair care procedures give you the best result and save your money.

•    Be sure that the shampoo you use is good for your hair type. Check out the information on the package and see what kind of hair (dry, thin, oily, brittle, damaged, colored, etc.) this product is made for.
•    Wash your hair as frequently as it requires. Many specialists do not recommend washing your hair every day, but in many cases it eventually brings to producing more oil on your scalp and making your hair look less attractive. That is why the best decision is washing your hair when it got dirty and oily, but not earlier. If you need to wash your hair every day, do not forget to use special soft shampoos for everyday use.
•    If possible, use shampoo and conditioner as two different hair care products. The function of shampoo is to clean your scalp and hair from oil and dirt. The function of conditioner is to coat your hair shafts with special layer that will protect your hair. At that, shampoo must be rubbed in your scalp, and conditioner has to be applied to the bottom of your hair. Therefore, it is better to use these two hair care products separately.
Shampoo•    When using your shampoo, remember that the less is the better. Hair care products are concentrated, so if you use them in great amounts, it is possible to harm your hair or scalp. Do not overuse shampoo or conditioner and apply only as much as it is necessary for proper cleaning and conditioning.
•    Do not place shampoo directly on your hair, use your palms! Start off your hair washing with placing a little bit of shampoo on your palms and rubbing them together to make a lather.
•    Keep shampoo on your hair no more than for 2-3 minutes. Use your fingertips to massage your scalp gently: it is not only very relaxing and stimulating, it is one of the most important procedures to maintain good health or your hair and scalp.
•    It is very important to remove all the shampoo from your hair. Rinse, rinse and rinse your hair gently with warm water until there’s no lather left on your hair.
•    As a rule, it is not necessary to repeat the procedure of shampooing your hair unless you have a special recommendation or your hair is too very dirty.
•    Avoid applying conditioner to your scalp and hair crown. It can bring to producing more grease and oil on your scalp.
•    If your hair is healthy and does not require deep conditioning, do not leave your conditioner on for more than 4-5 minutes. However, in order to reach better effects and rejuvenate colored or damaged hair, it is possible to keep hair conditioner on for 40-60 minutes.
Clean Hair•    Do not forget to rinse your hair very thoroughly after conditioning and, before drying your hair, be sure that the product is totally removed.
•    Avoid harsh movements when you are drying your hair with towel. It is better to make gentle squeezing, but not rubbing movements. Keep your hair wrapped in towel for some time and then remove the towel and leave your hair to dry on the open air.
•    If necessary, you can use a hair dryer, but do not hold it too close to your hair and do not make it work at very high temperature.
•    The conditioner you use must facilitate combing your hair. However, if your hair is too curly and it is still too hard to comb it, do some “finger combing” when your hair is still wet.

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