Treating Male Baldness With Leg Hair??

leg hairThe idea may sound weird, but this is exactly what a group of American specialists offer. Hair loss scientists suggest trying this interesting approach and developing a new innovative treatment for male baldness by using donor leg hair. They claim that scientific studies have shown that this kind of treatment can be very successful. But will it, from your point of view?

Dermatologists were the first to criticize this approach. They are not sure about the chances we have to create a proper environment for our leg hair to grow and develop properly in our scalp. Customers and most of the American men who suffer from hair loss and considering using all sorts of innovative treatments were also not happy with the idea. Most of the men said that they would never feel comfortable thinking that their leg hair is growing on their head, and in most cases they would probably refuse such questionable hair loss treatment, despite its possible effectiveness.

It just feels icky. I can’t imagine having leg hair on my head. After all, our leg hair might have a different shade.” said one of the interviewed men. At the same time, it turned out that in the members of other cultures this idea did not cause so strong opposition and public rejection. Millions of men suffer from hair loss, and provided the tests ended up fine, this approach can be actually a very good and quite natural way to reduce stresses related hair receding and loss, and treat the problem with a great share of success. That is why a few volunteers were selected to participate in practical studies, and the tests on trying this new technology were authorized.

The expert team of Dr. Sanusi Umar, a Los Angeles Hair Transplant Surgeon at the Premier Hair Transplant Clinic, California, involved two volunteers and transplanted leg hair follicles to their scalp. In total, about 1000 hair follicles was transplanted, and the experts reported that about 85 per cent of the transplanted follicles taken from the patients’ legs started growing up successfully on the patient’s heads, creating a good and pretty good looking hairlines. After revealing the success of this new technique and male baldness treatment, the experts received many calls from men who wanted to participate the experiment and try this new technology.

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