Top 7 Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

Nowadays, a great deal of women start suffering from hair loss in pretty much young age, and it’s quite hard to find a woman in her early 30s, who would never have to face this problem. In our times, hair loss in women is something very common, and there is a great deal of studies which were conducted to figure out, what are the top causes behind this condition. Below, you can check out the list of the findings of modern specialists regarding the causes of hair loss in women.

Hair Loss In Women1. Heredity. This is the number one cause which is simply impossible to avoid or neglect, and there were numerous studies carried out and brought to the same results.

2. Stresses. This factors plays a role for many health conditions, including hair loss in women. Stresses cause serious imbalances in human body, on chemical and physical levels.

3. High blood pressure. This type of quite common health condition interferes with the normal functions of tiny vessels that provide our scalp with nutrients and minerals. As a result, our hair gets weaker and weaker, and finally starts falling out.

4. Smoking. Negative effects of this terrible habit are huge, and being all the time affected by cigarette smoke causes hair loss, in women or men. Nicotine makes skin oily and affects scalp making hair follicles weak.

5. Too much money. Spending too much for trying various hair care product is a proven cause of hair loss in women. Those who have a lot to spend for shampoos, hair tonics, hair loss preventing products, etc. tend to go for trying innovative solutions and fall into higher risks of having hair loss.

6. Too much sleep. According to a study involving identical twins, those who like sleeping tend to lose hair faster. Though scientists could not came up with any clear explanations of this phenomenon yet.

7. Divorce. It is usually very hard for women to overcome divorce, and for the majority of them it becomes a cause of hair loss. Fortunately, there’s a great deal of effective solutions for this problem, like using natural hair loss treatments and herbal remedies, hair transplant surgery, hair restoration procedures, and so on. Remember that professionals can give you a hand when combating this embarrassing problem.

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