Tips For A Proper Hair Care

If you are among the ones who are fighting against such problems as thinning hair, hair loss, hair greying and brittle hair, you should consider the following recommendations and suggestions of experienced hair care specialists which can assist you in your efforts and make your hair looking great and gorgeous again.

  • First and foremost, it is necessary to give up smoking. Smoking is the worst enemy of great hair health, leaving aside such problems as highly elevated risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and respiratory problems. Cigarette smoke is very harmful to human skin and human hair, that is why quitting smoking is the first recommendations to those who are concerned about their hair.
  • Use only top quality hair colors. It is very important as low quality hair colors have ammonia which is extremely harmful and damaging to our hair.
  • Allow your hair get dried in a natural way in as many situations as possible. Using hair drier too often is also linked closely to increased worsening of hair quality.
  • To lower negative effects of chlorine on your hair, which we all suffer when we go to public pools, try to find an opportunity to wet your hair with chlorine-free water prior to entering the pool.  And, certainly, using a swimming cap is the most effective solution.
  • Hair CareAvoid brushing or combing your hair when it is wet. Wet hair is extremely vulnerable to all physical damage, that is why it can fall out much easier.
  • Always pay a proper attention on cleaning up your hair brushed and combs. Fill a container with warm water, place some liquid soap in there, and lat your brushes soak in the water for 10-15 minutes once a week.
  • Make a habit of massaging your scalp for 10 minutes before washing your hair. This will help increase blood flow to your scalp and nourish your hair to prevent hair loss. Also, using some essential oils like rosemary oil or lemon oil for such massages to stimulate blood flow can be an awesome idea.
  • Try to minimize as much as possible doing such chemical procedures as hair straightening, hair curling and others, as chemicals are amongst the worst enemies of healthy and good quality hair.
  • Do not over-style your hair. Do not make too tight pony tails and use moderate amounts of hair gel as it closes pores of your scalp and has negative effects on your hair.
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