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Cinnamon Oil For Hair Loss

Cinnamon is well know to all of us as a culinary spice with awesome aroma to add to cookies, apple pies, jams and so on. Cinnamon extracts are also used in perfumery and cosmetic industry for producing various skin care products. Those natural extracts have excellent rejuvenating, nourishing and warming properties, as well as natural […]

Natural Solutions For Hair Loss: Herbal Shampoos

Unfortunately, there are no 100% effective ways to prevent hair loss, however, there are treatments and strategies which have been used for centuries by our ancestors. Those include a variety of natural treatments for hair loss, which mean using medicinal herbs and plants (or their products/extracts) in order to improve our hair follicle quality, create […]

Can Acupuncture Help to Regrow Hair?

Acupuncture is one of the alternative holistic therapies that many people call “medical art”. Ancient Chinese and Japanese medical practitioners are claimed to be pioneers of this type of treatment. They developed several types of acupuncture. One of them means inserting metallic needles into some certain points of human body. Another includes using a special […]

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss: Onion and Garlic

A lot is said about the advantages of using natural treatments for hair loss. Those include a wide spectrum of operation, minimal side effects, low costs, etc. Such treatments as aromatherapy, herbal remedies, massage or acupuncture can be very effective for those who need to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. Along with essential […]