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Exotic Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair loss is quite a common problem nowadays, which has a vast variety of solutions and types of therapies. Those include using special hair care shampoos and special medications, scalp massages, herbal remedies and various natural treatments for hair loss, hair transplants and other various surgical procedures, nutrition adjustments, yoga and other effective stress management […]

Hair Loss And Anxiety

Anxiety is something that we all regularly experience in our life. Anxiety has certain specifics, in psychological and physiological context, and when it is linked to stresses and negative emotions, it brings a lot of damage to our health and our body. Hair loss is one of the most common consequences of permanent anxiety. When […]

Stem Cells: A New Hope For Hair Loss Victims

Many of those who suffer from hair thinning and loss, especially severe and very active firms of hair loss, are ready for almost everything in order just to stop hair falling out and regain their hair back. They are ready to find the money and pay for very expensive surgeries and hair transplantation procedures, they […]

Sulfur Deficiency And Hair Loss

Sulfur is an important natural element which is sometimes called “beauty mineral” as it is associated with gorgeous hair, strong nails and glowing skin. It has other important health benefits which include strengthening our immune system, improving blood circulation and assisting in preventing inflammations. Sulfur is not produced by our body, therefore, a great deal […]

Zinc And Hair Loss

Zinc is undoubtedly one of the main nutrients necessary for healthy hair development and growth, along with other numerous health benefits. It is responsible for cell reproduction and various tissue regeneration. Zinc is an essential element for keeping a proper hormonal balance and for effective absorption of all nutrients and vitamins we consume. It is […]

Can Dry Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Dull, brittle and too dry hair is quite an unpleasant condition to deal with. Many of use experience what is it like to have dry and brittle hair in summer time, when we are exposed to excessive sunlight or when we go to swim in chlorinated water. That is why it is very important to […]