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Pygeum Tincture For Hair Loss

Pygeum is quite a unique and special herbal remedy which is actually a herbal preparation made from the bark of Red Stinkwood or  Iron Wood, known also as Prunus africana. This plant can be found in all the areas of Sub-Saharian Africa and Madagascar, as well as other southern regions of the world. Traditionally this amazing […]

Jerusalem Artichoke For Hair Loss

Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) is also known as topinambur, sunchoke, or sunshoot. It is a weed which is considered to be a medicinal herb with numerous therapeutic properties and health benefits. It is cultivated throughout the US, and can be found in wild habitat, especially in the central regions of the country. Historically, Jerusalem […]

Hair Transplant Can Stimulate Sex Drive Of Men

Many modern men and women suffer from hair loss, and most of those are trying to find an effective solution for this problem. Some try to use only natural treatments for hair loss like essential oils, herbal extracts and other herbal remedies. Some use various cosmetic product including special anti-hair loss shampoos, hair conditioners, and […]

Wearing Wigs For Irish Dancing Can Trigger Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common condition nowadays, and both modern men and women suffer from it to a great extent. Hair loss brings tons of negative emotions and stresses to almost everyone who has to face this problem. There are a great number of causes of hair loss, specified by experts and scientists. Those […]

Divorce Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Female Type Hair Loss

Such stressful situation as divorce is very often linked to tons of emotional problems, heartache and tears. According to the findings of a new study, in addition to all these hardships, a divorcing woman is likely to have to deal with hair loss as well. A group of specialists carried out a research and found […]

Molecular Signals Open A Way For New Hair Loss Treatment

Many people have serious problems when coping with hair loss, that is why scientists go on studying the problem and looking for the best and most effective solutions and hair loss treatments. Recently, the findings of a new study carried out by the specialists at Yale University were published revealing a new tendency in hair […]