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Laser Home Treatment For Hair Loss

It is estimated that currently, about 80 million of American people suffer from hair loss, from severe to moderate. There is a great deal of causes of this problem, but the outcome is usually the same with everyone: decreased self-esteem, lower chances to achieve success in life, lower chances to have a happy life, and […]

He Shou Wu For Hair Loss

Traditional Chinese medicine is an amazing source of numerous remedies, natural solutions and effective natural cures for virtually all known diseases and illnesses. Chinese medicine offers very effective and 100 per cent safe natural ways to prevent and treat a wide range of ailments, starting from a common cold or common skin problems and ending […]

Effective Tips For Hair Loss Prevention

Prevent Hair Loss In Women

The problems of hair loss, weak or brittle hair and ineffective hair care are among the most topical issues in modern beauty care society. Nowadays, a great deal of women started experiencing serious hair loss right after the age of 25-30, caused by numerous personal and environmental factors. For most of them, this problem turned […]

Prunella Vulgaris For Hair Loss

Prunella Vulgaris is a medicinal herb known also as common selfheal, Carpenter weed, Heart-of-the-earth, or heal-all. This medicinal herb is considered one of the Chinese herbs widely used in traditional folk medicines of many Asian nations. However, nowadays Prunella Vulgaris is very well known and used in Europe, and is highly valued for its numerous health benefits […]

Tips For Strengthening Your Hair

If your hair is too weak, grows to slowly or looks brittle, check out the tips below. They can offer you some effective and good natural solutions for strengthening your hair and possibly preventing hair loss. Never use too hot water for washing or rinsing your hair. Try using only warm water because too hot […]

Saw Palmetto Berry Tea For Hair Loss

Saw Palmetto berry tea is a wonderful natural product with numerous health benefits and therapeutic properties. It can be prepared from fresh or dried saw palmetto berries, it is a caffeine free herbal tea available for everyone. Saw Palmetto (Sereona repens) is a known and quite common medicinal herb which can be used to treat […]