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A New ‘Bloody’ Hair Loss Treatment

Those who are well familiar with the problem of hair loss and have tried plenty of available solutions and treatments are impatiently waiting for today’s scientists coming up with new interesting technologies or approaches to hair loss treatment. Since this problem is very common nowadays, currently plenty of researches and experiments are being carried out […]

Stem Cells Can Be Used To Cure Baldness

Those of us who are well familiar with all the hardships and negative emotions related to receding hairline and hair loss are in constant search for effective treatments and natural remedies to cure baldness. A great deal of scientists, research groups and expert teams are currently working on creating new effective solutions to assist modern […]

A New Hair Loss Treatment Inspired By Animals Is On The Way

It is reported these days that the scientists have come very close to creating a new revolutionary hair loss treatment, a new remedy, inspired by numerous animal studies. It turned out that those hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world who suffer from thinning hair and hair loss of various types (connected […]

Molecular Signals Open A Way For New Hair Loss Treatment

Many people have serious problems when coping with hair loss, that is why scientists go on studying the problem and looking for the best and most effective solutions and hair loss treatments. Recently, the findings of a new study carried out by the specialists at Yale University were published revealing a new tendency in hair […]

Hair Cloning, A Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment

Nowadays, millions of people around the world who suffer from hair loss have a certain variety of options and hair loss treatments. Those include various medicinal herbs, herbal products and herbal remedies like Provillus, a number of herbal hair care products designed for nourishing and re-growing hair, scalp massages and aromatherapy, special diet and exercises, […]

Can Acupuncture Help to Regrow Hair?

Acupuncture is one of the alternative holistic therapies that many people call “medical art”. Ancient Chinese and Japanese medical practitioners are claimed to be pioneers of this type of treatment. They developed several types of acupuncture. One of them means inserting metallic needles into some certain points of human body. Another includes using a special […]