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New Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss is something that most of us are very well familiar with. Nowadays, a lot of men and women know how distressful and disappointing it is seeing own receding hairline. A great deal of information and various recommendations as to preventing and slowing down hair loss is available in modern mass media and online. […]

9 Common Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss is something that brings people a lot of troubles and negative emotions, that is why all of us are trying to do everything possible in order to support our hair health and reduce the risks of hair loss. We all try to learn as much as possible information about proper health care, buy […]

7 Myths about Hair Loss

MYTH 1: Multivitamins and food supplements are the best products which can prevent hair loss. Actually, you have to avoid having random multivitamins and thinking that they all are good for your health. An experienced doctor will never prescribe you any multivitamins without analyzing your medical situation thoroughly, because the elements of multivitamins can fall […]