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Tips For A Proper Hair Care

If you are among the ones who are fighting against such problems as thinning hair, hair loss, hair greying and brittle hair, you should consider the following recommendations and suggestions of experienced hair care specialists which can assist you in your efforts and make your hair looking great and gorgeous again.

First Aid To Your Hair: Hair Care In Autumn

In summer we try so hard to take care about our hair and protect it against harmful effects of dry weather, hot sun and salty water. However, it is hardly possible to be 100% successful and keep our hair in idea condition all summer long. That is why in autumn, many of us start experiencing […]

Simple Hair Care Tips for All Modern Women

Unfortunately, it is quite common among today’s women not to take a proper care about their hair. This happens not only due to a usual lack of time and numerous other problems that we all have to solve in our daily life. In addition to our daily activities and stresses, not every one of us […]

7 Myths about Hair Loss

MYTH 1: Multivitamins and food supplements are the best products which can prevent hair loss. Actually, you have to avoid having random multivitamins and thinking that they all are good for your health. An experienced doctor will never prescribe you any multivitamins without analyzing your medical situation thoroughly, because the elements of multivitamins can fall […]