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Grey Hair Is Linked To Reduced Cancer Risk

Grey hair causes plenty of negative emotions and distress to those who have it because silver lining is considered one of the most common signs of aging. Sometimes, as a result of stresses, hormonal imbalances, excessive exposure to certain chemicals or radiation, people start having grey hair as early as in their early twenties. It […]

A Pill To Prevent Grey Hair

Gorgeous, healthy and beautiful hair is one of the key elements of everyone’s appearance. However, healthy and good looking hair is a dream for many modern people, both men and women. A great deal of people suffer from such common problem as hair loss, which is linked to numerous reasons like improper hair care, stresses, […]

Scientists Report Finding Possible Cure For Grey Hair

Along with hair loss and premature baldness, such issue as grey hair is one of the most topic concerns of modern people, related to aging and losing a good look. The good news is, soon this thing can be something of the past. A group of specialists at the Ito Lab at New York University’s […]