Symptoms And Effects Of Biotin Deficiency

Biotin DeficiencyBiotin is a substance, a type of water soluble vitamin B known also as ‘hair growth vitamin’. Some experts call it vitamin B7, some use the name vitamin H, and some just say coenzyme R. No matter how it is named, bioting belongs to the list of the most important and vital vitamins which is especially essential for normal growth and development of our hair as well as nails and skin. It is highly required by our body to provide its normal function, along with such important nutrients and vitamins as vitamin C, vitamin D, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and many others. We can receive biotin from such natural sources as dairy products, nuts, legumes, beans, whole grains, seafood, chicken, and others. However, due to numerous factors (including using genetically modified foods, using low quality foods, bad eating habits, etc.), pretty many people around us experience biotin deficiency which can have quite serious negative effects.

Moreover, as some studies have shown, this condition can be caused not only due to a lack of high quality natural sources of biotin. Some people who consume good amounts of organic foods or possibly use biotin supplements to support their health may still have biotin deficiency and display its symptoms. This situation is very common for those people who have serious metabolism imbalances and whose body can not work fine for absorbing and metabolizing biotin or other similar nutrients. Such condition is pretty common nowadays, and those of us who are sure in their proper biotin consumption but still suffering from biotin deficiency symptoms should not delay with seeing their health care specialist and finding an effective solution for the problem. Fortunately, nowadays a number of very effective tests is available to detect the condition and make sure that the symptoms are caused exactly by biotin deficiency. Keep in mind, if the condition persists, the symptoms tend to go more and more severe, and in the end of the ends they will start affecting your life with something much more terrible than just brittle hair or nails.

Such symptoms as dry skin and dry hair are considered the first signs of biotin deficiency. Sometimes people also experience skin rashes, inflammation like seborrhetic dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, and others. In many cases, these symptoms very often are accompanied with very brittle hair and quite fast hair loss, regardless whether a man or a women is suffering from the condition. Further symptoms include quite severe muscle pains, cramps, nerve pains, tiresome, and a chronic lack of energy, which mark metabolic imbalances, and also the condition usually is complemented with increased irritability and sensitivity, chronic depression and a lack of positive attitude to life. If you’re having the mentioned symptoms all together, there’s a big probability that you’re suffering from biotin deficiency. Visit a health care specialist to find a solution, other wise you can develop very serious condition including lethargy, hallucinations, paresthesia, or chronic tingling sensations in your arms, hands, legs and feet, serious vision loss, and some others.

The first treatment solution for those who experience serious symptoms of biotin deficiency can include consuming special supplements or medications rich in biotin. This will assist in rapid and effective elimination of deficiency and speed up the processes of recovery. However, for many people it can be enough just make certain adjustments to their daily diet and add more of high quality food sources of biotin, like brown ice, peanuts, soybeans, milk, cheese, beef, and others. Make sure to using only high quality organic foods which can guarantee positive effects and improving your health condition. Those who suffer from biotin deficiency and want to improve their hair condition should strictly follow the rules of proper hair care, avoid any harsh hair styling, avoid using chemicals and any kind of not-natural hair care products, even though if they are designed specifically for their hair type. Using natural hair care and hair loss treatments is the best way to bring your hair back to good health and gorgeous look.

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