Sunflower Oil Benefits For Hair

Benefits of Sunflower Oil For Hair

Sunflower oil is a very common type of cosmetic oil used in numerous products for skin and hair care. It is a known vegetable oil which is used as a base oil for massage blends, instead of olive oil or almond oil. According to the information published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, this oil is the second used base oil, due to soft effects and numerous benefits of sunflower oil for hair and skin care. The advantages of topical usage of sunflower oil can be added to well known nutritional benefits of this natural product which we all enjoy by using this oil when cooking our meals.

Many hair care experts say that sunflower oil can be a great and very much affordable alternative to other expensive oils when preparing various home made hair care remedies. In particular, as this oil is odorless, so it can be used along with other essential oils and perfumery components for making scented anti-hair loss essential oils blends for scalp massages. These sunflower oil benefits for hair care have been known for many centuries and have been used by our grate-grandmothers. For example, one of the ancient recipes for improving our hair quality and preventing hair loss includes using a teaspoon of sunflower oil, mixed with 5 drops lavender oil, 3 drops rosemary oil, 3 drops lemon oil, 1 drop thyme oil, and 1 drop geranium oil.

According to Valerie Ann Worwood, a world’s recognized aromatherapist and author of many books on natural treatments and cosmetics, sunflower oil benefits for hair include amazing nourishing properties, and sunflower oil can be very successfully used for such purpose as conditioning too oily and too greasy hair. Other experts, Mary T. Kowalsk and her colleague Caroline Bunker Rosdahl, wrote in their book that sunflower oil benefits for hair include excellent natural abilities of this oil to strengthen our Sunflower Oil Benefits For Hairhair shafts and prevent our hair from breaking. To enjoy these properties, we should use high quality sunflower oil for our regular scalp massages.

Emollient powers of this natural product should be mentioned among the most significant benefits of sunflower oil for hair. Natural emollients known to have two important properties. They promote water retention and this way can act as natural moisturizers. In addition to that, sunflower oil as an emollient has very good softening effects making out hair soft and more obedient. Finally, key sunflower oil benefits for hair include nutritional properties. High quality sunflower oil is very rich in linolenic acid and other omega 6 fatty acids that can strengthen our hair and prevent hair thinning and loss. According to S. Kobren, the Founder and President of the American Hair Loss Association, using sunflower oil can be a very smart solution to prevent female type hair loss.

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