Summer Hair Care Tips

summer-hair-careSummer gives a great opportunity to every woman to look more sexy and beautiful. However, lots of sunlight and warmth in summer affect our hair to a great extent. That is why in summer we experience many various problems connected with hair. Those include, first of all, too dry, brittle and frizzy hair, split hair, etc. The effects of sunlight on our hair can be compared to the ones of hair dryer. How to protect our hair in summer in the most effective way? Below, you can find some tips on summer hair care.

  • Wear a short hairstyle in summer. It will help you to enjoy sunny weather without extra worries and minimize your summer hair care efforts.
  • If you do not like short hair, wear your hair up in a knot, braids or bun in order to minimize its exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Do not forget to use a hat, scarf or cap when you are going to stay in the sun for long time. However, make your headwear loose enough to allow proper conditioning of your scalp.
  • If you are frequently using hot irons, blow dryers and other hot hair tools, try to stop doing this in summer and give your hair a break. If you can’t, do not forget to condition your hair before using those tools.
  • If it is possible for your hair style, avoid shampooing your hair every day since shampoo deprives your hair of its natural moisture. Instead of daily shampooing you can use powder treatment.
  • Avoid using the shampoos and other hair care products that claim to give bounce and volume to your hair. Such products tend to dry out your hair.
  • Avoid using hair care products based on alcohol.
  • Do not forget to condition your hair after shampooing it.
  • Regularly apply sun hair repair or other natural moisturizing masks.
  • If your hair is extra frizzy, treat it with a jojoba oil mask, leave it overnight and shampoo your hair in the morning. Jojoba oil will make your hair softer and more beautiful.
  • Remember that in summer it is very important to use all-natural hair care products which contain no harmful chemicals.
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