Sulfur Deficiency And Hair Loss

Sulfur is an important natural element which is sometimes called “beauty mineral” as it is associated with gorgeous hair, strong nails and glowing skin. It has other important health benefits which include strengthening our immune system, improving blood circulation and assisting in preventing inflammations. Sulfur is not produced by our body, therefore, a great deal of us experience sulfur deficiency to one or another degree, and this condition plays an important role as a cause of hair loss in modern people.

If your hair is brittle, thinning and falling out, as well as if you feel regular fatigue and headaches, if your nails are thin and your skin is dry, you should consider sulfur deficiency as the main reason of all these problems. By enriching your diet with sulfur you can improve your hair quality in two ways. Sulfur can not only strengthen your hair and make it look shiny, but also stimulate hair growth as this natural element can effectively stimulate your blood circulation, make more blood go to your scalp and your hair follicles receive more nutrients.

sulfur deficiencyThere are many natural sources of sulfur. Those are onions, cabbage, nuts, eggs, fish, garlic, red meat and other protein rich foods. Some people prefer using natural sulfur supplements in order to provide their body with a proper dose of sulfur on a regular basis. It is also possible to receive more sulfur by using some special creams. It is very important to receive proper amounts of this natural element all the time, and specialists recommend taking sulfur not as a salt but as an organic sulfur compound which can be absorbed better by the body.

Do not forget to consult with your doctor or any competent health care specialist if you are suspecting sulfur deficiency in you. Remember that only a qualified nutritionist or medical specialist can assist you in choosing the right diet and help you to adjust your diet to your particular health condition. In any case, eating more of fresh organic foods like veggies, fruit, wholegrain foods and beans will bring a lot of health benefits as well as slow down hair loss, promote hair growth and improve your hair quality.

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  1. velvet remi says:

    It is really good to know that the chemical that makes silky, shiny and healthy hair is sulfur. The fact that we can get it from protein-rich foods is very informative.