Can Stress Be Considered A Leading Factor Causing Hair Loss?

Today, the increasing number of people have to get familiar with all negative emotions and worries caused by thinning hair and baldness. Though losing hair as we grow older is an absolutely natural thing, it brings really lots of stresses and unpleasant emotions to most people who suffer from thinning hair. Many are trying to combat the problem and looking for effective medical or natural hair loss treatments. Some do not believe in the effectiveness of those and lose their hopes for re-growing their hair. Actually, there is no need in losing hopes because if you start your treatment early enough, you can at least slow down hair loss and possibly even restore your hair totally.

Anyway, there are various causes that bring to hair loss, and those who want to choose the most effective hair loss treatment strategy should essentially find out what are the main reasons behind the problem. Many tend to blame bad genetics, ineffective nutrition and bad eating habits, various environmental factors, aging, menopause, hormonal changes and so on. At the same time, many specialists name such factor as stresses among the leading causes of hair loss. Definitely, stresses (especially chronic ones) are very harmful and have obvious negative impact on our overall health. But can stresses be solely taken as a leading reason of hair loss?

Do not think that you are losing your hair because of too tough boss, too demanding business partner, excessive workload or other common conditions which cause stresses. Losing hair is usually caused by a variety of factors, not just one like chronic stresses. Look at the people over 60: it is hardly possible to find one of them, regardless of their being a man or a woman, who would not experience hair loss. Very commonly, men start losing hair in their late 20s – early 30s due to increased conversion of testosteron into DHT. Women begin experiencing hair loss in later ages, when the activities of their female hormones slow down and male hormones become more active.

The causes which can trigger hair loss include even such common things as infections, certain diseases, side effects of using come medications or some medical therapies. Remember that hair loss, though it is a natural thing, can be treated very effectively, especially if it is really caused by such minor factor as excessive stresses. Visit a specialist and talk to him about your problem. Maybe the solution for your hair loss problem is as easy as giving up taking some certain medication. There are plenty of effective solutions, fast and long-term, relatively cheap and very expensive, natural remedies and prescription drugs. Just find the one which can work best for you, and take the situation easy!

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  1. Great article with the hair loss causes. Great information and I believe a lots people will benefit from it.

  2. elizabeth says:

    hi i am living in a dry n cold climate..and i have got a heavy hair loss i am 25yr old .i don know what is the reason.i do apply heated oil every week then also.i am losing my hair.n also ma hair strands are too thin.pls suggest me a remedy??i am really sad because of this problem.

  3. It sounds like you’re making difficulties yourself by trying to resolve this problem instead of taking a look at why
    their is really a trouble in the 1st location