Stem Cells: A New Hope For Hair Loss Victims

Many of those who suffer from hair thinning and loss, especially severe and very active firms of hair loss, are ready for almost everything in order just to stop hair falling out and regain their hair back. They are ready to find the money and pay for very expensive surgeries and hair transplantation procedures, they are ready to try expensive innovative medications or all other possible ways. For such folks, there is a ray of light brought by today’s stem cell researchers, who are studying the causes of the problem and looking for ways to use stem cells to stop and possibly reverse hair loss.

On the first stage of the study, a group of scientists at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia tried to compare the number of stem cells in bald spots of men and in those spots in the scalp where the hair was growing more or less regularly without falling out. They found out that the number of stem cells is the same, but those in bald patched do not actually mature. Then, the scientists decided to find a way to make dormant cells in bald patches active again by rubbing a special cream into the scalp of the participants of the experiments.

“We were surprised to find the number of stem cells was the same in the bald part of the scalp compared with other places, but did find a difference in the abundance of a specific type of cell, thought to be a progenitor cell,” says Dr. G. Costarelis, one of the leaders of the study. Therefore, the specialists are convinced that as soon as the way to reactivate stem cells converting to progenitor cells in hair follicles in bald spot areas, it can mark a new epoch and open a new path to getting rid of such problem as hair loss. At that, based on these consumptions, effective new hair loss treatments can be created both for men and women, the specialists say.

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