Static Hair: Natural Fixes And Treatments

static hairIn dry winter days our hair always falls under increased risks of becoming brittle, lifeless and dull. At the same time one more problem is becoming quite common in winter. This problem is especially well familiar to those who have long hair. This problem is static hair. If your hair is really very long, electrostatic can be a real problem because electrified long hair is very hard to handle, it can stick to everything and give your body some small electric shocks. Who would enjoy anything like that?

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to fix the situation and make your hair less prone to electrostatic effects. When the weather gets colder and drier, the main cause which brings to static hair is the absence of enough moisture in the air. That is why the first and the simplest technique to stop static hair is to use a humidifier. It will help you get the air to normal levels of humidity which will help to reduce static. In addition, if you have curly hair, increased humidity will create a great environment for making your curls stronger and  better looking.

If you are a fan of strictly natural hair loss treatments or hair care techniques, you can use such natural solution as Aloe vera. This is one of the world’s most known herbal remedies and natural moisturizers which can take static out of your hair. You can rub Aloe vera juice or some natural extract of this plant into your palms, let them dry a little and then ‘comb’ your hair with your fingers. This natural solution will assist you not only to combat the problem of static hair but also nourish and strengthen your hair shafts, making your hair look healthier and fresher.

Using only wooden combs instead of plastic ones is also a great solution. In fact, many specialists recommend combing your hair with wooden comb as a precaution against static hair. “Comb through your hair every night to move the oils from the scalp to the ends,” Alli Webb, a hair care expert, recommends. “This is a great natural way to not only nourish your hair, but to also combat static,” she adds. Finally, it is possible also to use a special hair spray: there are special formulas designed to calm down electrostatic effects on the hair.

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