Split Ends: Causes And Cures

Split ends is a pretty much common problem familiar to many modern women. It is especially common to those of us who has long hair, and those of us who live in too dry areas. Usually, if we have split ends, the hair goes dull, too dry, lifeless, and starts crying for help. Split ends look especially miserable in those who have dark hair. What are the causes of this problem, and what can be the ways and approaches to solving this trouble fast and effectively?

Speaking about the factors that can cause split ends, apart of environmental issues (too dry or too toxic air, etc.), it is possible to mention such contributing concepts as too harsh hair styling techniques (in particular, doing various hair styling procedures like chemical hair curling or straightening, etc). It is necessary to use special hair care products and do special hair care procedures like hair masks or special hair care massages in order to avoid being affected by split ends.

split endsUsing hair dryer too often and using hair care products with alcohol are also among the very common reasons of split ends. These hair care procedures contribute to your hair becoming drier and affected by split ends. Finally, such factor as generally poor hair care can also play a role in split ends occurrence. For example, specialists believe that washing your hair too often can be linked to this problem as well.

Fortunately, there are quite effective ways and strategies to lower the occurrence of this problem and improve the look of your hair. The most recommended and the most effective technique is cutting the split ends off. If this problem is a regular one for you, you can cut your hair edges (1-1,5 inches) every 3-4 months. Also, it is possible to improve your hair health by adding to your daily diet more of the foods for preventing hair loss and strengthening your hair.

Other great ways of restoring good quality of your hair include getting enough of sleep, spending more time on the open air and doing more physical activities, getting rid of bad habits like smoking. In addition, it is possible to use various herbal remedies and natural solution for restoring your hair quality. For example, essential oils and herbal extracts like burdock root extract or nettle extract can be used as a special hair wash. Finally, it is recommended to use special natural remedies like hair masks with yogurt, fish oil or other natural solutions. After using those, your hair will look fresh and gorgeous again!

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