Special Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Causes Of Hair Loss In WomenIt is a know fact that there are two principal types of hair loss: female type hair loss and male type hair loss. They are different not only because one is diagnosed only in women, and another is diagnosed exclusively in men. As many of us may know very well from their own experience, it is quite hard to treat hair loss in men by natural, non-surgical approaches. Men usually start experiencing hair loss in quite early ages (some even after the age of 14-15), and there are just a few of men who can possibly slow down a little their hair loss problem by using essential oils or natural products for male type hair loss. At the same time, female type hair loss is absolutely treatable problem, and most of women who start using essential oils, special lotions or hair rinses based on certain herbs or medicinal plants can stop hair loss, improve their hair condition and even stimulate hair-regrowth in a very effective way.

One more important issue is: the mentioned type of hair loss have totally different nature, and there are plenty of causes which are different for male and female type hair loss. Many specialists agree to the fact that genetics is arguably the main cause that is common for both types of hair loss. In other words, genetic predisposition to hair loss can be a cause of both male and female type hair loss. However, if excessive amounts of male hormone testosterone is known as the main cause of male type hair loss, there are a good number of major causes of hair loss in women. There is a number of common causes that are quite easy to eliminate and reduce their bad effects on female hair health. Those include improper nutrition, which usually play a serious role, and improper hair care (mainly using low quality hair care products, using incorrect hair care products, or using too harsh combing and styling techniques, including too much of use of hair driers, hair irons, and other hair damaging technologies).

Undoubtedly, the mentioned causes of hair loss in women can have serious effects, but there are other issues that usually manifest themselves as hair loss causes and very often must be considered quite serious health conditions. One of thyroid function problems, and many hair care experts are pointing to the fact that lately, this problem has become very common in many women. It is estimated that the incidence of thyroid problems in women is much higher than the one in men, but unfortunately, not many women are aware about suffering from this problem, as well as this problem being their major cause of hair loss. This health condition is usually linked to hormonal shifts and apart to hair loss it can also be indicated by many other symptoms including skin problems, fatigue, increased anxiety, weight loss, digestive problems, menstrual irregularities, and others. If you suffer from the mentioned symptoms and are at risk of having this serious health condition, check up with your health care specialist to make the tests and keep the condition under control.

Other common but very often overlooked causes of hair loss in women are linked to skin problems. Not many of us are aware about the fact that such a simple problem that too dry scalp can cause hair loss. Certainly, more serious skin problems like acne, ringworm, psoriasis, dandruff, and others are strictly linked to hair loss. In addition, any kind of skin infections, especially the ones cause by fungus can cause hair loss in women. Finally, pregnancy is also among special causes of hair loss in women. Many expecting ladies are not aware about that and start feeling stresses when seeing their hair falling out during pregnancy. Experts say that there is no need to worry, because hair loss caused by pregnancy will go as soon as the child comes to the world, and after giving birth hair always becomes as rich and glowing as it was before pregnancy. Take care about your hair and avoid stresses since chronic stress also among the important causes of hair loss in women.

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