Smelly Hair Syndrome, What Is That All About?

Have you ever heard about smelly hair syndrome? Have you ever been disturbed with the smell of your own hair after a party, or after cooking meals in your kitchen? And have you ever had a feeling that even washing your hair with shampoo every day does not help you¬† kill this persistent smell? If this is familiar to you, then you can be suffering from the mentioned Smelly Hair Syndrome, the condition which became quite common nowadays and brings a lot of distress to many today’s women. Unfortunately, it’s quite a little known about the causes and possible cures for this syndrome.

Experts point on the fact that a great deal of women reporting in forums and personal blogs about weird and strange odor coming from their hair, which ranges from ‘wet dog’ to ‘old sponge’ and other incredible things. Some women feel extremely embarrassed with the situation, and some are sure that the odor affects their relationships, both¬†personal and professional, to a great extent. At that, all sufferers report that by washing their hair they can manage only slightly diminish but not totally get rid of the odor.

Smelly Hair SyndromeThe experts call this condition Smelly Hair Syndrome, and they underline that it is not related to having too dirty or too oily hair. They found out that this syndrome affects modern women of almost all ages, and it takes almost no time to develop this distressful condition. No matter what type of hair you have, you can become a victim of this syndrome. So, what can be the causes of this problem, and what can you do in order to treat and prevent this condition?

There are several theories related to the causes of Smelly Hair Syndrome. Most trichologists believe that it is related to environmental changes which affect our hair oil and make it much faster absorb various smells like smoke, polutants, and so on. Besides, these environmental changes make our hair to be more prone to being too oily, and thus absorb more and more smells. According to another theory, this syndrome can be caused by hormonal shifts and changes of androgen levels in the body. Also, some scientists find that such factors as stresses and certain fungal infections can play a role for SHS development.

If you feel that you are one of those who are affected by this syndrome, you can use special hair care products to combat bad odor that comes from your hair. Specialists recommend washing your hair up to twice a day, and it is advised to use a dry shampoo. Also, it is possible to try various deodorants and fragrances in order to make your hair smell better, get rid of this syndrome and feel yourself more comfortable.

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