Short Hair: How to Choose a Good Haircut

square-faceIt is considered that short hair is associated with less problems for the owner of such type of hair. It is easier to wash such hair, it gets dried faster and is not connected with spending a lot of shampoo, conditioner or other hair care products. Therefore, having short hair helps to do some sort of economy. In addition, such hair can be styled in many different ways and in smaller amount of time than it is usually takes to style long hair. Finally, shorter hair makes us feel more comfortable and enjoyable in hot weather. However, having short hair is linked to one important issue, namely choosing a good haircut which will match your face shape.

Experts define several most common shapes of face. Those include oval, round, triangular, rectangular, diamond, heart, etc. Undoubtedly, when choosing a haircut it is absolutely necessary to take into consideration the shape of your face since not all cuts are compatible with all face shapes. In order to avoid a mistake and not to make a wrong choice, do not hesitate to use an advice or opinion of professional hairdressers or hair stylists, who can give you an idea which hair style can be good for your particular situation.

oval-faceThe faces of oval shape have high foreheads and quite narrow round chin. This shape is the most common and the most balanced, so almost any type of hair style will work great to the people with oval faces. The people with round faces also have quite wide freedom in choosing a haircut, but they should prefer some style which will have a certain fullness over their ears. Those who have a square shaped face should opt for a tall haircut with a lot of hair at the crown.

triangular-faceTriangular faces are characterized with a great wideness of chin and narrowing top of the head. A layered haircut with a good volume can be recommended for the people with triangular faces, as well as for the ones with heart-shaped faces. The people with diamond shaped faces should avoid tall hair styling and prefer more fullness over their ears. Finally, if you have a rectangular face with high forehead and quite massive chin, you should go for something like a shoulder-length style, preferably with some fringe.

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