Is Your Shampoo Calorie Free?

We all know for sure that such a problem as obesity and having extra weight can be solved by a successful combination of a healthy and low calorie diet and a regular exercise program. But who could imagine that the shampoos we are all using could also cause weight gain? According to the findings of a recent research, our shampoos and other beauty products contain harmful chemical compounds which actually contribute to BMI increase. Specialists at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York found out that such compounds as phthalates, which can be commonly found in various soaps and shampoos, are among those harmful ones.

The experts are sure that phthalates can cause imbalances in the function of our thyroid gland and seriously affect natural processes in our body that are responsible for maintaining normal body mass. shampooIn particular, imbalances and endocrine disruptors can simulate the actions and properties of certain hormones, this way affecting the function of the thyroid glad. Other potential damage can come from such element as Bisphenol-A, which is a common ingredient of plastic containers, baby food bottles and other sorts of package for foods.

A series of experiments took place in East Harlem, involving 330 children. Some of the children were exposed to the dangerous effects of the above mentioned chemicals, and they all started gaining weight. Dr Galvez, one of the study leaders, says that it is very important to be aware about the mechanisms and ways these chemicals affect the development and growth of children. However, she is certain that it is possible to prevent negative effects of these chemicals by being more careful about shampoos, soaps and foods we use and consume. ‘Even if these chemicals play a small role in obesity, it’s a preventable exposure,’ she says.

To be healthy and safe from the above mentioned negative factors, it is always necessary to use only high quality shampoos, conditioners, body care and skin care products. Rely only on the hair care products from the most reputable and the most respectable manufacturers of hair care solutions. To avoid the problems like thyroid gland function irregularities, be sure that the shampoos and other hair care products you are using have only organic and natural ingredients. Specialists also recommend using fragrance-free products as they have less sophisticated formulas, which include less of possible harmful chemicals.

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