Rose Water For Hair Loss

Rose water is among the most underestimated natural products which actually possesses a great variety of therapeutic properties and benefits, but they are lacking scientific evidence and backgrounds. At the same time, high quality rose water is still used in the context of alternative medicine for treating skin problems, as well as for its calming and relaxing properties to treat stresses, depressions, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

Due to excellent stimulating properties, it is recommended to use rose water for hair loss and for effective improve hair quality. It can be applied directly to the scalp like any other oil or herbal remedy. Take a couple of drops of a 100% organic rose water, rub it into your scalp and keep for 15-20 minutes, then wash it away with your regular shampoo. In addition to all therapeutic, nourishing and moisturizing effects, your hair will look shiny and fresh, and you will definitely enjoy delicate and beautiful rose fragrance coming from your hair.

The main therapeutic effect of rose water on your hair is based on its stimulating properties. This natural product can stimulate blood flow and increase the amounts of blood coming to your scalp. This way, hair follicles receive more nutrients and minerals, become stronger and richer, this way slowing down hair falling out. That is why after using rose water for 3-4 months, you will be able to notice your hair got stronger and thicker.

You can find a high quality rose water in a nearest grocery store or healthy foods store. Remember that using this natural product is a very safe solution which is not linked to any unwanted side effects except possible individual sensitivity to rose. Only one thing you need to be sure before applying rose water for hair loss: the product you purchased and are going to use should not have any artificial ingredients, only pure distilled water and rose oil.

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3 Responses to “Rose Water For Hair Loss”

  1. jackie says:

    i have fungi/ringworm on my scalp, can i use rosewater on my scalp to kill the ringworm/fungi. my scalp itchy a lot because of the fungi. my scalp has white scales patches of the ringworm

    thank you

  2. udisha says:

    Try olive oil.. Its good 4 lice maybe it might help ur ringworms, rub it throughly then rinse off with 1/4 cup of vinger diluted in 1 litre water

  3. Rachel says:

    Does this really help with hair loss? Is okay to make it, or do you have to use rosewater bought from a store?