How To Reverse Hair Loss Caused By Medications

Reverse Hair LossThere are many factors and issues which can bring to hair loss. Genetics, hormonal changes, unhealthy eating and poor nutrition, too much stresses, increased exposure to toxic substances, or improper hair care belong to the most common things that bring to hair thinning and loss. Using certain medications including common painkillers, anti-depressants, medications for blood pressure, special pills for acne, and some other ones are very often linked to hair loss, especially in women. Sometimes taking such medications results in hair color or texture changes, making straight hair curly, and other interesting hair transformations. According to the findings of a group of scientists at the University of Melbourne, such hair health changes are quite common and can be going on for years. However, in most cases it is possible to reverse hair loss and other hair problems related to medications by simple stopping taking those medications.

Professor Sam Shuster, an experienced dermatologist from the UK Newcastle University, confirms that the findings of his Australian colleagues should be taken into the account my many of those who suffer from hair loss. ‘The cause of hair loss or change is often unknown, but you must always consider the effects of drugs,’ he said. Certainly, the scientists strongly recommend not to stop taking the medication that you suspect may have caused your hair loss without talking to your doctor or consulting with a health care professional. If you are taking a medication or a pill which could possible be causing hair loss, it is always possible to switch to other one which can be safer and cause to negative effects on your hair. A professional health care specialist can assist you in changing your treatment without bringing harm to your overall health condition.

‘When drugs do affect the hair, the change is usually mild and reverses when the drug is stopped. So you may want to tolerate the change, because of the important effect the drug is having in restoring your health,’ Dr. Shuster said. He said that sometimes the drugs he prescribes to his patients who suffer from psoriasis had adverse effects like over-producing skin cells by body. It can cause a few changes, including changing texture of hair and hair thinning.  A number of studies reported that hair texture changes can be caused by taking oral anti-psoriasis medications. Acne pills are another group of pharmaceuticals which very often cause hair texture changes. Such medications are usually rich in vitamin A which is known for its properties to make hair stronger and possibly change hair appearance.

Blood thinners, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen also can cause hair loss in some people. According to the findings of a small study by American experts, about 15 per cent of those people who use ibuprofen on a regular basis report hair loss as an adverse effect. At the same time, all of them reported that it is possible to slow down and reverse hair loss by stopping taking this kind of medications and switch to other ones. Beta blockers, birth control pills and anti-depressants are also in the list of those medications which can cause hair loss. Keep in mind that your medications can be a factor causing your hair to change, and talk to your health care specialist in order to find out the best way to reduce and reverse hair loss.


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