Researches Developed A New Method To Regenerate Hair Follicles

Regenerate hair folliclesHair loss is a very serious problem which affects a great deal of people in modern world. It is estimated that by the age of 21, every one of four men experiences quite serious hair loss, and by the age of 35, every second man on earth experiences from mild to moderate hair loss. Despite the fact that for many centuries hair loss had been considered to be the problem of men, in our epoch hair loss is very common in women as well. According to the estimations of the experts at the American Hair Loss Association, in today’s world 40 per cent of total hair loss victims are women. Undoubtedly, hair loss brings a great deal of emotional discomfort and stresses to those who are affected by it. Fortunately, there is a great number of effective hair loss solutions, which include medications, surgical procedures, as well as natural hair loss treatments, and others.

In addition, a great deal of scientific research is being carried out to find new and more advanced treatments for male and female pattern baldness. Just recently, a group of Japanese scientists reported about the new findings of their expert group at Tokyo University of Science, Showa University and Kitasato University, which can give hope to all those who suffer from hair loss. This is a new technology which allows regenerate hair follicles and re-grow hair. It includes growing new hair follicles by using bioengineering approach that allows creating follicles of correct shape and structure, as well as establish proper connections between the follicles and scalp tissues, this way restoring and maintaining normal hair cycle.

The innovative technology was first tested on hairless mice,and new hair follicles were engineered by using human stem cells from selected healthy donors (a 39 and 63-yer-old males). After hair follicles had been replanted to the hairless areas of lab rat skin, it took only 3 full weeks after the transplantation surgery for the rats to start growing new healthy hair shafts. One month later, according to the report, the scientists started observing the rats growing real normal hair, as it is shown in the picture. Regenerated hair follicles engineered in proper amount can be transplanted to bald areas, underneath the epithelium of the host skin. Japanese specialists say that they are ready to start their further experiments on humans which are actually scheduled to be started in about three months.

Takashi Tsuji, one of the study leaders and a professor at Tokyo University of Science, commented on the findings of his research group: ”These findings significantly advance the technological development of bio-engineered hair follicle regenerative therapy.” Many experts valued the new technology which allows regenerate hair follicles and plant them into scalp very highly. Akio Sato, director of Tokyo Medical Clinic Hospital, underlined that this new approach will definitely lead to significant improvement and increase of the efficiency of hair transplantation procedures for those who suffer from hair loss. You can read more about the findings of this interesting study, as well as the comments of the experts, in one of the latest issues of the British journal Nature Communications.

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