Pygeum Tincture For Hair Loss

Pygeum TincturePygeum is quite a unique and special herbal remedy which is actually a herbal preparation made from the bark of Red Stinkwood or  Iron Wood, known also as Prunus africana. This plant can be found in all the areas of Sub-Saharian Africa and Madagascar, as well as other southern regions of the world. Traditionally this amazing authentic herbal remedy was used to combat all sorts of infections and diseases like malaria, fever, gonorrhoea, as well as stomach pains, constipation, kidney problems, and so on. In Africa, locals quite commonly use this medicinal plant in the form of a herbal tea, however, its taste is a little strong, that is why such herbal preparation as tincture, known as Pygeum Tincture, is more popular in Europe and the rest of the world.

Pygeum is the name of the remedies that are made of Red Stinkwood bark or leaves, and Pygeum tincture is made from the bark of the plant and plays an important role in modern alternative medicine. Numerous studies and researches were carried out and have shown that this amazing natural remedy has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can be very effective against all sorts of urinary infections. Besides, this remedy can be used by those men who have problems with prostate, in particular – suffer from enlarged prostate.  Combined with saw palmetto, nettle and other effective natural remedies, Pygeum can be very effective used to combat various prostate gland disorders, as well as such common symptom as hair loss.

Pygeum tincture is considered an excellent natural hair loss treatment as it contains certain enzymes that ca play a role of natural DHT Blockers. In other words, those enzymes can stop the activities of male hormones which are closely linked to both prostatic disorders and male type hair loss. Many specialists are convinced that a combination of Pygeum and Saw Palmetto can help modern men achieve the best results, and the properties of a combination of Pygeum and nettle are less thoroughly studied. It is possible to apply the tincture topically, and also there is another alternative: Pygeum extract in pills and capsules. Do not forget to talk to your doctor or a qualified health care specialist before starting any type of hair loss treatment involving Pygeum tincture.

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