Best Prevention For Hair Loss

Prevention For Hair LossHair loss and prevention for hair loss are among the most common topics of public discussions and opinion sharing. A great deal of people in today’s world suffer from this serious problem, and nowadays it turned into a real curse for many women despite the fact that hair loss has been for many years known as solely men’s problem. Even young ladies in their early 30s report about increased hair thinning and loss, so they are looking for effective cures and hair loss treatments. Fortunately, there are many effective solutions, including transplant surgeries, medications, special hair care products, or natural treatments for hair loss.

At the same time, a great deal of people are looking for good and effective tips for hair loss prevention. They are willing to change their lifestyle, nutritional preferences, habits, or daily routine in order to avoid this embarrassing problem in the future. Below, there is a list created by the leading hair loss experts of the UK published recently in Daily Mail. These can work great for everyone who is thinking about effective prevention for hair loss.

  • Try to decrease or totally give up using petroleum-based styling wax. According to Jimmy Campbell, one of the hair care specialists based in London, this kind of hair care products has negative effects on hair follicles and can block their growth. It is better to use water-based hair care products.
  • Avoid coloring your hair too often. Experts say that hair dyes contain a lot of ingredients like bleaching agents, drying agents, etc., causing hair getting weaker and weaker, that can result in hair thinning and loss. That is why avoiding coloring hair to frequently can work great as a way of prevention for hair loss
  • Avoid too hard brushing your hair. Scratching the scalp with your hair brush can cause a lot of damage to your hair. First of all, it can cause simple puling out your hair. Second, it can damage hair follicles and care hair loss. Dr Bessam Farjo, a hair transplant specialist, says that we should treat our scalp very gently, when we brush our hair, when we shampoo it or dry it.
  • Practice stress relieving techniques. Stresses are among the leading causes of hair loss, both in men and women. It was found out that stresses cause increased production of  testosterone and DHT which cause hair loss. That is why practicing stress management techniques is a key strategy for hair loss prevention.
  • Give up smoking. A study published a few years ago in he journal Archives of Dermatology has concluded that apart of increasing our risks of cancer and various cardiovascular problems, smoking should be considered one of the leading factors causing hair loss. It affect the function of blood vessels causing decreased blood flow to our scalp, impaired nutrition and hair follicles, thus weaker hair growth.
  • Add nuts to your daily diet. Nuts are known natural sources of such minerals as iron and zinc, which play an important role in supporting our hair health. That is why consuming small healthy doses of nuts (not more than 30-40 g a day) is recommended as an effective prevention for hair loss.
  • Eat a full and nutritious breakfast rich in protein. Foods like eggs, fish, poultry, or beans, are rich in protein which is a source of keratin, an element that gives our hair its strength and good structure. According to Philip Kingsley, one of the famous trichologists in the UK, using protein-rich foods in the morning helps us provide great environment for hair growth and strengthening.
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