A Pill To Prevent Grey Hair

Grey HairGorgeous, healthy and beautiful hair is one of the key elements of everyone’s appearance. However, healthy and good looking hair is a dream for many modern people, both men and women. A great deal of people suffer from such common problem as hair loss, which is linked to numerous reasons like improper hair care, stresses, genetic factors, hormonal shifts, improper nutrition and bad eating habits, and many more. Along with thinning hair, a lot of people after 35 suffer from such problem as grey hair, and it also brings a lot of stresses and negative emotions to them.

However, there is a new hope for those who have to fight with grey hair and with all negative consequences of this problem. Specialists of L’Oreal promise to present a special dietary supplement which will successfully prevent the development of grey hair in men and women. An innovative formula of this unique natural remedy is based on extracts of an unrevealed fruit, and the pill should be taken as a usual dietary supplement. It is believed that within four-five years this miraculous medication will be available in local drugstores of beauty shops for everyone who needs it.

The formula of this pill came out as a result of an extensive scientific work carried out by the experts from L’Oreal, which included researches, safety trials and numerous studies which involved thousands of experts and volunteers. The formula is designed to slow down oxidative stress that affects pigment cells of our hair and makes it go grey. However, the French scientists are sure that by using the findings it will be possible to reverse hair greying, too. Also, by bringing relief from oxidative stress assists effective toxin removal from the body, that also plays a role in improving hair quality, as well as good for our overall health.

“We are working on a product that mimics the activity of the enzyme that protects and recruits the melanocyte cells responsible for producing the pigmentation,” Bruno Bernard, one of the creators of this unique remedy, says. “We would encourage people to use it before their hair goes grey because we don’t think it can reverse the process.” It is estimated that the world’s market for hair coloring products is about 10 billion dollars a year, and economists say that aging people are ready to spend even more in order to slow down aging and bringing a better look and a better health back.

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  1. Mark says:

    I’ve been using catalase xp for a few months and have almost completely reversed the greying of my hair. Hop this helps-Mark