Weight Loss-Hair Loss Links: Myths And Truth

weight loss hair lossSo, you finally started losing some pounds, after months of thinking over the best diet plan and getting ready for forgetting about your favorite cupcakes and chocolate desserts. You’ve probably chosen a crash diet or decided to use a famous low-calorie diet like Atkins diet, in conjunction with plenty of physical exercise. Instead of watching TV shows or chatting online, you have started jogging or cycling every night. And, at last, the first results have shown and you can finally fit into your most sexy dresses or pants. You’re feeling happy and very very light, until you start noticing a new problem which can seriously affect your sexy look and self-esteem. Yes, it’s hair thinning and fall. Most of low calorie diets can be a great solution to lose wight. However, they very often lead to decreased nutrient intake, causing hair becoming brittle, weak, dull, and eventually falling out. Read more »

Using Hair Wax For Hair Styling

hair wax productsHair wax products are styling products used as an alternative to hair gel. It is also known as styling pomade, and it is considered more advantageous compared to other styling products since it does not contain alcohol (unlike hair gels which eventually cause hair drying). Therefore, best hair wax is alcohol free and contain wax instead of alcohol. As a rule, hair wax is used as a styling product with slight hair straightening effects because wax makes hair stronger and heavier. However, it can be used to fix hair style and improve hair quality as well.  Hair wax products have been known since the times of ancient Egypt,where hair wax was used not only for hair styling but also as a natural hair protection against sunlight and other environmental factors. In our times, hair wax is among the most popular styling product in today’s hair care market. Read more »

Grey Hair Is Linked To Reduced Cancer Risk

grey hairGrey hair causes plenty of negative emotions and distress to those who have it because silver lining is considered one of the most common signs of aging. Sometimes, as a result of stresses, hormonal imbalances, excessive exposure to certain chemicals or radiation, people start having grey hair as early as in their early twenties. It is supposed that those with dark and thick hair are more inclined to having grey hair, though this is nothing else but visual effects since grey hair definitely becomes more visible in those with black or dark hair. Most of us are convinced that grey hair has nothing positive and brings only sadness, the findings of a study by a group of Japanese experts say the opposite. The experts say that silver strands have an awesome benefits since it can be linked to reduced cancer risk, both in men and women of any age. Read more »

Clary Sage Oil To Boost Hair Growth

Sage Essential OilEssential oils play a great role as hair loss treatments since they have amazing nourishing, moisturizing, protective and strengthening properties. There are plenty of essential oils like rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, almond oil, lavender oil, juniper oil, and so on, which can be recommended as effective natural hair loss solution and natural stimulant for hair regrowth. Scalp massages, special hair masks and hair rinses, or adding essential oils into hair care products are the most common ways of using these natural products for hair health. Clary sage oil is one of natural remedies to minimize hair loss, speed up hair growth and make hair look rich and gorgeous. It is a safe product recommended to everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of thick healthy hair. Read more »

A New Baldness Cure Can Be Available In Just 2 Years

Baldness CureHair loss and baldness are very common problems in modern society. Before, hair loss was mainly about aging people, namely aging men, and every four of five men after 65 experienced severe degrees of hair loss. However, numerous factors contributed to this problem becoming topical for young people, both men and women, and those who are in their early 30s are already very well familiar with hair thinning and loss. This problem brings a lot of distress and psychological problems to those who suffer from it. Though not covered by any kind of long-term or short term medical insurance, male or female pattern baldness can cause quite serious consequences and increase risks of many serious health conditions, including even cardiovascular problems or some types of cancer. Read more »

Jojoba Oil For Hair Loss

Jojoba Oil For HairEssential oils like rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, almond oil, lavender oil, juniper oil, and many others, are among the most commonly used natural hair loss treatments. It is possible to benefit from these natural products by adding them to your hair care products, using those for scalp massages or hair masks, etc. Jojoba oil for hair loss and thinning can be recommended as one more natural solution for the mentioned hair problems. Jojoba (Simmondsia chenensis) is a shrub that grows in California, Arizona and other warm areas of the US, and jojoba oil is produced by cold pressing from the seeds of jojoba shrub. This natural product has been extensively used for centuries by American indigenous population and introduced in Europe after colonization. As jojoba hair oil, it is most valued for its moisturizing properties and its excellent protective effects. Read more »