Stem Cells Can Be Used To Cure Baldness

Cure BaldnessThose of us who are well familiar with all the hardships and negative emotions related to receding hairline and hair loss are in constant search for effective treatments and natural remedies to cure baldness. A great deal of scientists, research groups and expert teams are currently working on creating new effective solutions to assist modern people forget about the problem of losing hair, and from time to time the reports about new findings and new ideas of today’s scientists appear in mass media and scientific editions. Recently, a few interesting solutions were offered, including using hair transplants, special hair extensions or, as an alternative, using Moroccan hair oil as an effective natural hair loss treatment and prevention. These days, it is reported that a new innovative approach was offered by a group of Japanese scientists which is supposed to be effective and possibly can play a role of a new cure for baldness and hair loss. Read more »

Early Hair Loss In Men Is Linked To High Prostate Cancer Risk

Early Hair LossNowadays, an increasing number of young men are suffering from early hair loss. Specialists consider men who went bald before 30 as early hair loss sufferers, and a great number of such young men have to go through a lot of stresses and negative emotions related to their hair health. Certainly, stresses and psychological disorders linked to early hair loss add more health risks and can turn into a factor causing more serious disorders and health conditions. That is why it is necessary to do everything possible to prevents tresses, learn effective stress management techniques or learn more about effective hair loss treatments, including natural ones. They can render some great help in slowing down hair loss and possibly even improve the condition. If you feel that you can not handle your hair loss related stress and in need of an immediate solution, choose a hair transplant or other surgical hair loss treatment which will bring your hair back and help you move along in your life without stresses. Read more »

Tips For Female Hair Loss Treatment

Female Hair LossA lot is said and recommended to those modern time’s ladies who suffer from quite a common unwanted health condition, hair loss in women. Treatment options of this problem vary greatly, and nowadays women can choose from a great number of effective hair loss solutions, starting from various natural hair loss treatments like essential oils or herbal extracts, and ending up with hair surgeries and hair transplants. Hair loss can be caused by many factors, the most important of which include genetic predisposition, stresses, improper nutrition, leading sedentary lifestyle, improper hair care, and many others. Below, check out some interesting and easy tips to assist in hair loss prevention and aid in female hair loss treatment. They ware created by experienced hair care professionals and can be recommended to every woman who is concerned about her hair health. Read more »

Symptoms And Effects Of Biotin Deficiency

Biotin DeficiencyBiotin is a substance, a type of water soluble vitamin B known also as ‘hair growth vitamin’. Some experts call it vitamin B7, some use the name vitamin H, and some just say coenzyme R. No matter how it is named, bioting belongs to the list of the most important and vital vitamins which is especially essential for normal growth and development of our hair as well as nails and skin. It is highly required by our body to provide its normal function, along with such important nutrients and vitamins as vitamin C, vitamin D, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and many others. We can receive biotin from such natural sources as dairy products, nuts, legumes, beans, whole grains, seafood, chicken, and others. However, due to numerous factors (including using genetically modified foods, using low quality foods, bad eating habits, etc.), pretty many people around us experience biotin deficiency which can have quite serious negative effects. Read more »

Using Henna For Hair Health

Henna for HairHenna and henna products are known as the most commonly used natural hair coloring and hair care ingredients. Henna oil, henna leaves and henna extracts have been known as effective natural hair loss treatments since the times of ancient empires like Ancient Egypt, the Sumerian and the Babylon as excellent natural hair conditioner and natural dyeing agent. Henna originates from the Mediterranean region and is very commonly used for natural hair care by women in the countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and others. Numerous benefits of henna for hair are well known around the world, and this natural product is being very successfully sold in natural beauty shops and online distributors to the customers throughout the world. Primarily, henna oil and henna products are valued as an effective natural alternative to hair dyeing products, as well as other commercially sold hair care product formulas. Read more »

9 Common Hair Loss Myths

Hair Loss MythsHair loss is something that brings people a lot of troubles and negative emotions, that is why all of us are trying to do everything possible in order to support our hair health and reduce the risks of hair loss. We all try to learn as much as possible information about proper health care, buy only high quality hair care products from highly reputable producers, use natural remedies for hair care, as well as follow a healthy diet and an active lifestyle guidelines. We believe that we know everything about proper hair care and hair loss prevention. However, there is plenty of hair loss myths and misconceptions existing in numerous online sources making us follow wrong advices and accept wrong ideas. Below, check out some common hair loss myths from hair care experts and doctors, and keep those in mind when creating your individual hair care program. Read more »