A New ‘Bloody’ Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss TreatmentThose who are well familiar with the problem of hair loss and have tried plenty of available solutions and treatments are impatiently waiting for today’s scientists coming up with new interesting technologies or approaches to hair loss treatment. Since this problem is very common nowadays, currently plenty of researches and experiments are being carried out around the world in order to develop and test new hair loss prevention and treatment solutions. Scientists are trying to find some effective combinations of natural substances and ingredients in order to stimulate blood circulation to scalp and prevent hair loss, or synthesize new components or substances with the properties to support our hair health and reduce our risks to develop hair loss. Read more »

Hair Pulling Disorder And Its Interesting Solutions

Hair Pulling DisorderDo you know people who used to pull their hair from their crown or other body areas when they feel too anxious or stressed out? There are plenty of such guys around, and their condition is scientifically known as hair pulling disorder. For other scientists this disorder goes as Trichotillomania (TTM). There are some extreme cases when people who feel compelled to pulling their hair out when they are stressed also display some extra signs like tearing their hair laces apart or even eating those. Most of such people understand the weirdness of the problem, therefore, they do everything possible for executing this weird habit in private. However, it is not always possible, and their habit very often becomes a point of public interest and reprehension. According to the specialists, it is estimated that about 280,000 people in modern United Kingdom suffer from one or another stage of hair pulling disorder, or trichotillomania. Read more »

Male Baldness Is Linked To Higher Heart Disease Risk

Male BaldnessMillions of men around the world suffer from hair loss and are diagnosed with male baldness. Scientists have noticed that this unfortunate health condition is connected with plenty of other serious health conditions, and can be even considered as a warning sing to most of those. It particular, as the findings of a scientific team at the Cancer Council of Victoria in Australia have confirmed, early hair loss in men is linked to elevated risk of prostate cancer. The phenomena can be explained by increased amounts of male hormone testosterone in those men who suffer from severe or moderate hair loss since their early ages. Read more about this interesting study here. There are other possible connections as well, and a great number of studies is being carried out in order to establish new links between hair loss and other health conditions, along with finding possible effective cure for the problem of male baldness and hair loss. Read more »

Causes And Treatment Of An Itchy Scalp

Itchy Scalp In MenThe problem of an itchy scalp in combination with hair loss can become extremely frustrating for anyone as it gradually takes the form of a daily suffering. There are many factors which can intensify the condition of an itchy scalp, leading to hair loss. The thinning of hair, triggered by an itchy scalp, is usually temporary and the condition can be reversed when you seek treatment for hair loss. Apart from causing hair loss and distress, an itchy scalp can cause discomfort. Read more »

Carrot Oil For Hair Growth

Carrot Oil For HairUndoubtedly, carrot oil or carrot seed oil is not one of the very well known natural remedies, but it has plenty of very powerful and effective therapeutic properties to be used for improving our overall health and beauty. At a close look, carrot oil is the oil extracted from seeds of carrot plant by steam distillation. It is a very valuable source of nutrients, primarily vitamins C, E, D and B complex. Traditionally, this essential oil has been used for aromatherapy due to its refreshing uplifting fragrance. Besides, this oil has plenty of other uses. It can prevent eye and liver problems, boost the function of our immune system and reduce the risks of various cardiovascular diseases, including such serious ones as heart attack and heart disease. In addition, it favors bad cholesterol level reduction and assists weight loss. Finally, some studies have shown that by using carrot seed oil it is possible to lower the risks of some types of cancer. Read more »

British Scientists Are In Search For A New Baldness Cure

Baldness CureAll of those people who suffer from hair thinning and loss are in constant search for an effective hair loss treatment. Many rely on natural treatments for the problem, trying to use such known remedies as essential oils, herbal infusions (for hair rinsing and strengthening), or special hair care formulas designed and based on 100 per cent natural ingredients. For most of people such remedies work fine, however, it requires pretty much of patience to receive visible effects. Those who want to achieve immediate results opt for having hair transplant, laser treatments, or other similar hair loss treatments, which do really bring lasting and fast results, but are sometime very costly.  Some people choose to improve their diet and lead more active lifestyle, get rid of bad habits like smoking, or use less harsh hair styling, which are also considered very effective strategies for improving hair quality of preventing hair loss, both in men and women. Read more »