Hair Loss in Spring, What to Do?

hair-in-springUndoubtedly, spring is the time for beauty and love. In spring, every woman need to take a special care about her look and her hair. A lack of sunlight in winter and a lack of natural vitamins in spring can affect our hair. That is why the majority of women are unhappy with dryness, brittleness and colorless of their hair in spring. But some women also experience hair loss caused by the deficiency of vitamins, natural nutrients and other useful elements in this time of year. That is why not only doctors, but also beauty care specialists strongly recommend taking some vitamins and supplements.

At the same time, you can help your hair to get brighter and stronger not only by rich nutrition and necessary supplements, but also by using various hair care products. It is very important to choose only those shampoos, conditioners, hair creams or hair balsams, which were created for the people with your particular hair type. If you have a problem of excessive hair falling out or brittleness, it essential to provide your hair with a lot of nutrients. That is why your should opt for special hair balsams or sprays, or hair masks which can strengthen your hair follicles.

In addition, if you want to slow down hair loss and get rid of hair brittleness, you shoud pay a special attention to the way you brush your hair. You should choose a soft comb or hair brush, preferably wooden or metallic. If your hair is curly and you have problems with brushing, do not forget about using special gels or balsams to make brushing easier. Also, avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. It is always better to wait a little until your hair is dry, and then brush or comb it. Finally, to stop or prevent hair loss you should regularly massage your scalp with your fingertips. Scuh massages can be done frequently, up to several times a day.

Short Hair: How to Choose a Good Haircut

square-faceIt is considered that short hair is associated with less problems for the owner of such type of hair. It is easier to wash such hair, it gets dried faster and is not connected with spending a lot of shampoo, conditioner or other hair care products. Therefore, having short hair helps to do some sort of economy. In addition, such hair can be styled in many different ways and in smaller amount of time than it is usually takes to style long hair. Finally, shorter hair makes us feel more comfortable and enjoyable in hot weather. However, having short hair is linked to one important issue, namely choosing a good haircut which will match your face shape.

Experts define several most common shapes of face. Those include oval, round, triangular, rectangular, diamond, heart, etc. Undoubtedly, when choosing a haircut it is absolutely necessary to take into consideration the shape of your face since not all cuts are compatible with all face shapes. In order to avoid a mistake and not to make a wrong choice, do not hesitate to use an advice or opinion of professional hairdressers or hair stylists, who can give you an idea which hair style can be good for your particular situation.

oval-faceThe faces of oval shape have high foreheads and quite narrow round chin. This shape is the most common and the most balanced, so almost any type of hair style will work great to the people with oval faces. The people with round faces also have quite wide freedom in choosing a haircut, but they should prefer some style which will have a certain fullness over their ears. Those who have a square shaped face should opt for a tall haircut with a lot of hair at the crown.

triangular-faceTriangular faces are characterized with a great wideness of chin and narrowing top of the head. A layered haircut with a good volume can be recommended for the people with triangular faces, as well as for the ones with heart-shaped faces. The people with diamond shaped faces should avoid tall hair styling and prefer more fullness over their ears. Finally, if you have a rectangular face with high forehead and quite massive chin, you should go for something like a shoulder-length style, preferably with some fringe.

Simple Hair Care Tips for All Modern Women

long-hair-careUnfortunately, it is quite common among today’s women not to take a proper care about their hair. This happens not only due to a usual lack of time and numerous other problems that we all have to solve in our daily life. In addition to our daily activities and stresses, not every one of us has all necessary and correct information about the most effective techniques of proper hair care. Below, there are some pieces of good advice from the experts to everyone, who wants hair to look gorgeous and fresh all the time.

  • Even if you have long hair and do not visit your hairdresser frequently, you should cut the edges of your hair every 3-4 months. Ths should be done regularly in order to avoid too weak and split ends, as well as to make your hair look better.
  • If you are the one who does not use any sort of coloration, time to time use hair color rinse or just an old-fashioned henna to deepen and sharpen the color of your hair. It will assist you in making your hair look shiny and refreshed. Do not forget to wash your hair regularly and keep your scalp in a proper condition.
  • When you choose a shampoo for yourself, do not look for something cheap. Choose a shampoo according to your hair type. Try using spray on hair conditioners, they are supposed to be more effective for making your hair more rich, flexible and easy to comb.
  • Comb your hair minimum 2 times a day with a wooden comb or special brushes with plastic tops.
  • At least once a month do various hair masks: nourishing, moisturizing or restorative. Do not forget to protect your hair against sunlight using hats or special sprays with SPF-filters.

Saw Palmetto Helps to Prevent Hair Loss

Saw PalmettoSaw Palmetto (Sabal serrulata or Serenoa repens) is a unique herb, which is used in a great number of effective products for hair loss prevention. Black berries of Saw Palmetto have been used in Europe for decades for their therapeutic properties to ease the symptoms of cell proliferation, inflammations and benign prostatic gland enlargement. However, in the U.S., this natural remedy has been used since the times of ancient civilizations. For example, the Mayans used Saw Palmetto for its excellent tonic and antiseptic properties. Now, Saw Palmetto plants grow naturally in Georgia, Florida and some other Southern states.

The main advantage of Saw Palmetto products for hair loss prevention is its natural ability to block the 5-alpha reductase enzyme responsible for testosterone conversion to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This conversion is considered to be one of the main factors causing the progression of hair thinning and hair loss (Androgenic Alopecia), both male and female patterns.  DHT causes shrinking of hair follicles in men, that results in slowed down hair development, hair thinning and baldness. In addition, it was reported that in many cases the conversion of testosterone to DHT promotes hair growth in the places where it is unwanted.

Saw Palmetto SupplementNowadays, Saw Palmetto is among the most effective ingredients of many products designed for hair loss treatment. It is possible to name, first of all, Provillus, one of the most popular and demanded natural treatments for hair loss. Also, it is possible to purchase various anti-hair loss shampoos and lotions containing Saw Palmetto extracts. In addition, you can benefit from miraculous therapeutic properties of Saw Palmetto by using it as a nutritional supplement. This herbal remedy should be used by every modern man, who is concerned about his health, good look and well-being.

Saw Palmetto products are consided to be quite safe and non-toxic. However, it is recommended to consult a health care specialist before using Saw Palmetto supplements, extracts or pills on a regular basis. There are certain unwanted side effects, which include constipation, nausea, stomach pains, as well as more serious health conditions in rare cases. However, in the majority of the situations using Saw Palmetto lotions or shampoos (externally) is not connected with the stated side effects. Finally, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using this natural remedy.

Natural Hair Loss Solutions from Your Kitchen

HerbsMany people prefer looking for natural solutions for their ailments and health concerns believing that our Mother Nature has keys for any problem of ours. Nowadays, natural remedies, such as plant extracts and tinctures, various brews and teas, are extremely popular and demanded. Natural remedies have numerous advantages: using them is connected with less side effects and pain. Besides, natural remedies can help us avoid extra expenses, unlike modern advanced medical treatments. However, if you rely on natural remedies only, you should be patient as it takes longer to receive stable positive results.

There is a great deal of natural treatments for hair loss, which include mostly herbs and essential oils. They can be easily prepared and used by everyone at home. Moreover, did you know that many effective hair loss solutions can be found right away in your kitchen? Below, there are some natural remedies for hair loss reduction and prevention, which are frequently used by today’s housewives and must be available at every kitchen:

  • Red Pepper. You can use red pepper as a poultice and apply directly to the balding spots. The main effect is to cause a little skin irritation and stimulate blood flow to your head, which, in turn, is supposed to encourage hair re-growth.
  • Onions. A solution of onion juice can be rubbed into the scalp before shampooing. Also, onion juice can be used as a component of special hair masks and poultices.
  • Garlic. It is very effective to do scalp massages with some drips of garlic juice before applying shampoo to your hair. However, garlic odor will be left for some time, no matter what kind of shampoo is used.
  • Sage and Apple Vinegar. A mixture of 4 ounces of apple vinegar and 10 drops of sage essential oil improves the condition of your scalp and helps to create a very good environment for hair re-growth. Rub this mixture into your scalp and keep it for 30 minutes, then use your shampoo. Remember that this procedure can have some slight drying effects on your scalp.
  • Rosemary oil. It is a very strong hair growth stimulant, which can be massaged directly into your scalp (if you have sensitive skin, you can add some Jojoba oil) after washing your hair. It is quite safe remedy (which, however, must not be used by pregnant women) and in few months its effects must be noticeable.
  • Safflower Oil, Lavender Oil, Bay Oil or Cedar oil. These essential oils stimulate blood circulation and allow more nutrients to be delivered to your scalp. Also, they have positive effects on the skin, heal and clean it, make it smoother. Rubbing essential oils into your scalp regularly is a great treatment to control hair loss, especially for women.

Medicines Which Can Cause Hair Loss

MedicationsIt is a known fact that using certain medicines is one of the most important causes of hair loss. A number of popular pharmaceuticals can interfere with the hair cycle and become a reason of hair thinning and falling out. Usually, medications trigger such types of hair loss as telogen effluvium and anagen effluvium. Sometimes hair starts falling out very soon, in 1-2 weeks after taking medicines, sometimes it takes 3-4 months to notice the problem. Fortunately, specialists are convinced that hair loss caused by medicines is reversible (especially in women), however, it is absolutely necessary to be very attentive and consider all possible side effects of the drugs we take.

Such medicines as cancer treatments (Chemotherapy)and antineoplastic drugs are closely linked to hair loss. Antidepressants (known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) like Prozac, Celexa, Lithium, Zoloft, Paxil and others are also very common drugs which damage hair follicles and cause hair loss. This problem is associated with amino acid and protein depletion while taking these medicines, as a result of which our hair receives less amount of necessary proteins and nutrients for proper growth and development. Accutane (isotretinoin) is one more quite common medicine associated with hair loss. It is an acne treatment, which is reported to cause hair loss symptoms, mostly in teenagers and young people. The patterns and severity of hair loss caused by Accutane are strictly individual in every person.

A very important group of medicines frequently causing hair loss includes the pharmaceuticals, which affect our hormonal balance: various types of steroids and birth control pills are the most common drugs of this group. Sometimes, hair can start falling out after taking medicines with high content of Vitamin A in large doses. Finally, the following groups of medicines can also put you at a higher risk of having hair loss as a side effect: cholesterol and thyroid medications, diuretics, blood-thinners and the medicines for blood pressure regulation, anti-coagulants, gout and seizure medications, diet pills and so on.

It is possible to find online many detailed lists of the pharmaceuticals or substances that can possibly cause hair loss and other related problems. Certainly, every particular medicine from those lists can affect normal development of your hair in different degrees, from common to quite rare. In order to prevent possible hair loss as a side effect of using such medicines, you need to learn which pharmaceuticals cause hair loss and avoid taking them. Talk to your doctor and look for effective alternative treatments. If you are already suffering from hair loss caused by taking a medicine, do not panic and try effectice natural treatments for this problem, such as Provillus Hair Loss Treatment.