Vitamin Supplements For Hair Loss

It is a known fact that healthy and rich nutrition is one of the most important factors for excellent health and proper functioning of all body systems and organs. A healthy diet enriched with fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, fish and dairy products, as well as other natural sources of proteins, healthy omega fats and carbs, is a great choice for everyone regardless of how healthy the person is. Undoubtedly, a special set of nutrients and vitamins is necessary for normal hair growth and hair follicle development.

In particular, those people who suffer from hair loss should first of all get concentrated on proper nutrition for hair follicles. Proper amounts of iron, vitamins, oxygen and water in your body can improve blood circulation and improve the development of hair follicles. Vitamin Supplements For Hair LossIf you suffer from a deficiency of any important nutrient or vitamin, you hair follicle cells will not be able to develop properly and work well for the sake of your good hair health. That is why many people who have hair tinning or loss, frequently consider using some vitamin supplements designed especially for those who want to improve the quality of the hair.

However, many specialists are sure that using such vitamin supplements for hair loss alone will hardly be effective and assist in hair loss prevention. It is necessary to support taking multivitamins with other effective measures directed on hair loss reduction and prevention. Those include scalp massage, using herbal remedies for hair loss, using special hair care products and cosmetics, as well as maintaining a healthy life-style and following a proper healthy individual nutrition plan.

If you decided to use one of special vitamin supplements for hair loss, be sure that they contain the key minerals essential for good hair health. First of all, those are iron, which aids blood circulation, and copper, which is a key element for hair strengthening and reducing hair loss. Other important elements include zinc (assists in preventing increased hair shredding) and Vitamins C, B and E promoting hair growth. Before starting any therapy involving vitamin supplements, do not forget to consult your therapist or a health care specialist.

Hair Loss and Hormonal Changes

Female Hair LossHormonal changes and imbalances are among the leading causes of hair loss in women. Along with a great number of other known causes of female hair loss (including taking certain medications, poor and unhealthy nutrition, scalp infections and other diseases, incorrect or too aggressive hair care, genetic predisposition to female hair loss, and others), hormonal shifts and imbalances play a key role in causing premature hair loss in women. Fortunately, this most common cause of the problem is usually linked only to temporary hair loss, which can be treated and stopped.

Hormones are responsible for normal functioning of our body, and when their levels are normal, the normal and balanced function of the body and maintenance of our body systems is provided. At the same time, hormonal shifts and imbalances cause unexpected changes and can lead to various health problems, including hair loss. In particular, hormonal changes during pregnancy are connected with estrogen levels falling, and soon after childbirth, when hormone levels normalize, the woman usually experiences hair loss. In the most cases, it usually takes several months for the hair growth cycle to stabilize and hair loss to stop.

Menopause is another common health condition connected with hormonal shifts and imbalances causing temporary hair loss. During the period of menopause, the levels of estrogens and progesterone in the woman’s body frequently change and fluctuate, affecting normal hair follicle development and hair growth cycle. As a result, the majority of women notice hair thinning on the crown and hair loss during perimenopause and menopause periods. Similar hormonal changes can be caused by using some medications, in particular, birth control pills. Any changes in birth control routine usually cause temporary hair loss, which stops within a few months. Finally, hormonal shifts causing temporary female hair loss can be also linked to abnormal activities of the thyroid gland.

If you are currently experiencing a type of hair loss and thinning caused by hormonal shifts and imbalances, don’t panic and don’t be stressed out. In the majority of the situations such type of female hair loss can be stopped in few months after the condition is gone and hormonal shifts subside. Usually it does not take more than 6 months, and then your hair growth cycle will be restored. Female hair loss can be an embarrassing and frustrating thing to face, however, if the problem is linked to hormonal changes, it can be treated and combated. Therefore, in this difficult period of your life you should be patient and use special hair styling techniques to add more volume to your hair until your normal hair growth pattern is restored.

3 Hair Nutrition Tips

Hair Loss NutritionOur hair care usually requires lots of efforts and patience. In order to maintain a good health of our hair, we are using various expensive shampoos, lotions, conditioners and other hair care products, as well as natural hair care remedies. We protect our hair from negative effects of the environment, especially in summer and in winter. But what else can we do in order to preserve health and beauty of our hair?

Studies show that very often hair care products turn out to be ineffective when hair nutrition is not satisfactory. Effective hair nutrition includes a full variety of vitamins and nutrients necessary for normal growth and condition of our hair, from the roots till the ends. Numerous researches proved that it can be enough to maintain a healthy hair nutrition plan in order to make our hair look shiny and beautiful, as well as slow down and stop hair loss. Below, you can find 3 most effective hair and hair loss nutrition tips.

1. To make your hair look gorgeous and give it natural shine and volume, it is necessary to include to your hair nutrition plan the products with a high content of amino acids (such as nuts, meat, fish, avocado, eggs, milk, etc.) and Vitamin A (including carrots, apricot, fish liver and caviar, butter and others).

2. Zinc (sea products, red meat and nuts are the best source of this mineral) and iron (can be received from leafy veggies, beans, eggs, etc.) should be essential elements of your hair loss nutrition plan. They are necessary for hair restoration and growth.

3. Also, add to your diet the products with a high content of omega 3 fatty acid (such as spinach, fish, cauliflower, melon, beans and many others). As key elements of your hair nutrition plan, these products can assist in making your hair more flexible, obedient and less electrified while combing.

Tips For Fatty Hair Care

For many women, fatty hair is a real problem. Fatty hair looks pretty unpleasant throughout the year, but especially in summer and in winter, as well as in those days when the weather is rainy and the humidity is high. Some specialists suppose that too fatty hair is a result of some hormonal imbalances, which cause extra fat formation. However, no matter what causes this problem in every particular situation, let’s see what can we do in order to make fatty hair look better and prettier.

Fatty Hair Care1. If it is possible, choose a nice short haircut. If you have too fatty hair, long hair should not be your choice. As extra fatty hair requires frequent washing and styling, it is more practical to have short hair which can be washed faster and with less efforts.

2. Use only special shampoos and hair styling products designed for fatty hair. Such hair care products are specially created for everyday usage to clean your hair softly and not to damage natural environment of your scalp. If you will start using a usual shampoo, you can end up with suffering from increased fattiness of your hair.

3. Choose to have permanent curling. This help your hair to look less fatty because curly hair does not touch fatty areas of the scalp. You can choose having small or large curls, depending on your face shape and the hair style you like.

4. Choose good hair brushes and do not forget to wash them frequently. If your hair has extra fat, you should choose a comb or hair brush made from some anti-static material (like wood, etc.). Comb your hair gently every morning and every time after washing it.

5. Use some natural cosmetics to decrease your hair fat. The extracts of such plants as rosemary, caraway or equisetum can be used for rinsing your hair (1-2 teaspoon for 5 liters of water) and help you to lower the activity or sebaceous glands on your scalp. You can use sage tea (1-2 tablespoons of dried sage boil in 400 ml of water for 10-15 minutes, cool down the tea and rinse your hair in it after washing). Also, you can use burdock oil, which is one of the best herbal remedies to improve your hair condition.

Iron Deficiency, A Cause Of Hair Loss

iron deficiencyIron deficiency is one of the leading causes of female type hair loss (especially in non-menopausal women) and if you are losing hair, it can be caused by a lack of iron. Some specialists claim that this nutritional deficiency plays more important role as a factor causing hair loss, than such factors as hormonal shifts and ineffective hair care. Iron deficiency can be a result of blood loss, receiving insufficient amount of iron from the daily diet, or for inability of the body to absorb sufficient amounts of this chemical element.

There were numerous researches that proved the hypothesis about the importance of iron for normal hair development and growth. Several groups of specialists in Cleveland Clinic carried out an almost 40-year long study, the findings of which were published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in 2006. After examining numerous cases and patients, the specialists came to the conclusion that there are very strong links between hair loss and lack on iron, and it is impossible to stop hair loss if the person’s level of iron in the blood is too low.

The experiments in the Cleveland Clinic were among the first researches if this issue. The scientists from Scalp Clinic and the University of Pennsylvania Hair were also studying the effects of having sufficient iron intake on effective hair growth and re-growth. Besides, for eight years French specialists at  French health and medical institute Inserm in cooperation with the experts from French cosmetics group L’Oreal were researching the effects of iron depletion and iron deficiency on hair loss by measuring the amounts of ferritin in blood.

Iron deficiency can be caused not only by blood loss due to injuries or insufficient iron intake, but also by such factors as pregnancy and menopause. It is essential to be aware about the levels of iron in the blood and keep it under control. There are numerous natural sources of iron, including apples, beans, red meat and other foods, which can help increase the content of iron in your body and slow down hair loss.

First Aid To Your Hair: Hair Care In Autumn

In summer we try so hard to take care about our hair and protect it against harmful effects of dry weather, hot sun and salty water. However, it is hardly possible to be 100% successful and keep our hair in idea condition all summer long. That is why in autumn, many of us start experiencing hair loss, weakness and brittleness. It is absolutely essential to continue doing various hair care procedures in autumn as well. Below, you can find several recommendations on hair care in autumn.

  • Hair Care In AutumnChoose 2-3 effective hair masks, both nourishing and moisturizing, which would be the most suitable for your hair. Those can be all natural home-made masks, special commercial mixtures for hair treatment or even special regular spa procedures. Apply your mask and keep it for 20-25 minutes on your hair, then wash it first with warm water. After this, wear a head-towel on your hair and keep your hair wet for 20-30 minutes. It will rest and keep the moist for this time.
  • You can use one effective and safe natural mixture to treat your hair as an element of your program for effective hair care in autumn. Mix 2 yolks with 1 table spoon of lemon juice and add 10 drops of jojoba, almond, avocado, tea tree or another oil. Spread the mixture along your hair, keep for 30 minutes and then rinse your hair with warm water.
  • In order to prevent brittle hair and split ends, it is very effective using burdock root tincture. Steep 75 g of dried burdock root in 200 ml of vegetable oil and keep in a dark place for 24 hours. Then boil the mixture on a medium fire for 15 minutes and let it cool down. Strain out the pieces of roots and rub the mixture into your scalp. Cover with a head-towel, keep for 1-2 hours, then wash it away with warm water.
  • Your hair will look healthier and shine if you will rinse it after washing with some high quality water. The best idea is to  boil 30-50 g of dried flowers of chamomile, lime-tree blossom or dried nettle leaves in 3-4 liters of water, and use this tea for rinsing your hair.

Remember that it is necessary to pay a lot of attention on your hair condition in this time of the year and create an effective strategy for hair care in autumn. This will help you to look beautiful and feel confident, as well as to prevent hair loss and thinning. Use all natural remedies you have in your house to help your hair look gorgeous!