Natural Red Hair In Irish People Helps Compensate A Lack Of Sunlight

Natural Red HairIt is a known fact that Irish people are famous for their natural red hair, and a few other specific traditional things as well. A great deal of people in Ireland have very healthy, rich and simply gorgeous red hair which many people of other nations could simply envy to. It was estimated that every one of ten modern Irish people has natural red hair, and a few scientific groups studied the reasons contributing to this interesting social phenomena. As one of the studies has shown, not just 10 per cent, but as many as every second person in Ireland carries genes linked to becoming a redhead, regardless of the people being blonde, brunette, or having any other natural hair color. Therefore, the scientists are convinced that natural red hair should be considered a trademark of Irish people. Read more »

Female Type Hair Loss: How To Solve The Problem?

Femaly Type Hair LossNowadays, there is a vivid public discussion unfolding in modern mass media about the increasing rates of female type hair loss. Female beauty is something treasured, loved and adored, and every woman is ready to do everything possible to avoid the signs of aging like winkles, saggy skin, receding hairline, a few extra pounds, and so on. Nothing disappoints us more than noticing those signs in the mirror every time we look at it. However, the number of women who have to face those and are looking for the most effective solutions for hair loss has been drastically increasing within the last few years. Moreover, it is reported that for the last one-two years, every one of three patients of hair transplant clinics are women. This is so stressful! Women in their early thirties have to use plenty of remedies and solutions, including such radical ones as hair transplants, in order to preserve their hair, keep it healthy and shiny. Read more »

Mira Hair Oil

Mira Hair OilIn our times, it is hardly possible to find a woman in her early 30s, who is not familiar with the problem of hair loss. Even in such young age, the majority of modern women have to face the problem of hair thinning and loss. Besides, it is also hardly possible to find one among the women suffering from hair loss who does not know about positive effects of using natural oils for hair. Oils like essential oils (rosemary oil, lemon oil, orange oil, ylang ylang oil, lavender oil, cypress oil, juniper oil, and many others), coconut oil, amla oil, olive oil and some other vegetable oils are considered very effective help for those who need to fight against hair thinning, brittle or dull hair, and even such problem as aging and grey hair. Many alternative medicine enthusiasts would agree that natural oils can literally make miracles to our hair. Mira hair oil is definitely one of those. Read more »

Post-Traumatic Hair Regeneration

Hair RestorationMost of us used to believe that hair loss is something caused by such factors as stresses, poor nutrition and improper lifestyle, genetics, bad habits, or simply just being a man. However, there is one more factor which contributes to hair loss in pretty great number of people. Those are various traumas, wounds, physical damage of skin, and other similar things. Some people lose their hair as a result of the mentioned factors, and unfortunately they have to face the fact that it is almost impossible to re-grow hair after that. Not much is known about the causes and the issues that play a role in this situation, and a great number of studies is being conducted to understand why it is impossible to go through normal hair regeneration procedure after a trauma or any physical skin damage. Recently, a group of scientists from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania published some interesting findings related to the issue. Read more »

Some Of The Greatest Hair Loss Cures And Tips

Hair Loss CuresMany modern women suffer from hair loss, which has become a true curse of our times. Though it usually occurs in men, the problem of hair loss is becoming more and more familiar for women in their early 30s. It brings a lot of distress and negative emotions, and all those modern ladies who see their hairline receding immediately start looking for effective hair loss cures and treatments. Though actually the first step recommended by the specialists is to try determining the cause of the problem. The most common of those include hormonal shifts and improper function of thyroid gland, genetic predisposition and having a family history of hair loss, improper nutrition and a lack of certain minerals or vitamins, stresses and chronic neurological disorders, and others. It sometimes can be very hard to stop hair loss and re-grow hair back, however, it is totally possible, and every woman should develop her individual hair loss recovery program, possibly with the help of an experienced specialist, or just by looking for some effective hair loss cures and effective solutions online. Read more »

The Best Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

Herbal Remedies For Hair LossIn our times, hair loss is a problem of not only men, but the issue very well familiar to most of today’s women. Scientists say that there are plenty of causes of hair loss in women. The most important and common ones of those include endless pressure of stresses we all are exposed to, poor or improper nutrition and our sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes in female body linked to aging, improper hair care and using bad quality hair care products, and so on. For many women, these causes have very powerful cumulative effects, and as a result modern women start losing their hair as early as in their late 20s or early 30s.  Fortunately, in contrast to hair loss in men, this unwanted condition in women is considered to be a treatable one, and those ladies who suffer from hair loss have quite high chances to stop hair falling out and re-grow their hair in quite short period of time. Read more »