Hair Loss In Women Increases

Hair Loss In WomenA new research has revealed that stresses of modern life are becoming a leading reason of hair loss in women. In our times, every third woman below 25 is familiar with the problem of hair thinning and falling out, which for many decades has been a problem of only women over 50.

The experts are convinced that the main reason of such tendency is a trend of being slim and skinny, which is one of the dominating social tendencies of our epoch. Modern ladies wish to look like slim celebrities and models they see on the TV, that is why most women limit their food intake and make their nutrition in sufficient. As  result, the body does not receive necessary nutrients, causing hair thinning and loss.

According to the results of the Vitabiotics Wellwoman Tricologic study, in contemporary Britain about 37% of ladies below 25 have to face problems of hair loss. What makes the situation worse is the fact that the stresses cause by hair loss lead to escalation of the process and losing more hair. Young women are over stressed because they know that this problem is linked to aging and old ages. That is why 100% of the interviewed young ladies confirmed that they felt shy and very much embarrassed even when talking about their hair loss.

The issues connected with hair loss in women are evoking active public polemic and concern. “In Western culture, hair is bound up in notions of femininity, youth and sexual attractiveness. Because a woman’s hair is both immediately visible and plays a big part in value judgements made about health, youth and attractiveness, the experience of thinning hair is bound to be anxiety provoking and raise issues about body image and self esteem,” says Linda Papadopolous, a psychologist.

Nettle Root And Hair Loss

Nettle root and hair lossNettles, or Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) is a herbal plant which is considered to be one of the most effective natural treatments for hair loss. The extracts of this plant can be found as ingredients of such popular hair loss treatment as Provillus.

This herbal remedy is known for its excellent diuretic, antispasmodic and astringent properties. However, the most important property of this plant is to inhibit DHT production. For centuries, this natural irritant (namely its dried or fresh leaves, roots and stems) has been used to improve the quality of hair and treat Allopecia areata. The links between nettle root and hair loss reduction were proven scientifically by many studies and researches.

Stringing Nettle is a rich natural source of such elements and nutrients as Vitamins E and C, chlorophyll and a variety of minerals. Also, this natural remedy is a source of chemical compounds like serotonin, histamine, hydroxytryptamine and a number of effective natural irritants that play a role in hair loss treatment. The extracts and other products with nettle can not only inhibit DHT production, but also affect nerve cells and give irritant effect capable to slow down Allopecia areata.

Nettle products can be taken orally in the forms of pills or supplements. For hair loss treatment, Nettle is frequently used in combination with other effective natural remedies. Nettle root extract can be applied directly to your scalp, according to the recommendations of your health care specialist. Also, it is possible to use a special nettle tincture or weak decoction for rinsing your hair and receiving therapeutic effects. Beware of unwanted side effects of using nettle products: allergies and skin irritation, stomach ache, bloating and problems with kidneys. Use carefully nettle root and hair loss will slowly back off!

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss

Ayurvedic treatment and ayurvedic medicine are traditional approaches which have been used in India since ancient times. This approach is pretty much effective and was adopted by modern doctors as a part of alternative medicine. Ayurvedic treatment involves combining various herbal treatments with such factors as proper nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, oil massages and so on. The ayurvedic methods are tested, easy, effective, and capable of improving your general health, as well as play a role as a hair loss treatment.

ayurvedic approach to hair loss treatmentIn the framework of ayurvedic approach to hair loss treatment, most experts will encourage you to begin with paying attention on your diet. The foods you eat should provide you with sufficient amounts of Vitamins B and C, essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, sulfur and other nutrients. In addition, you can add to your diet some manufactured products that are good sources of these nutrients.

You should add to your diet and regularly consume such food as fruit, leafy vegetables, grains, beans and milk. To speed up the effects of the treatment, oil should be regularly massaged to the scalp, that can result in better blood circulation and stimulate hair to re-grow. Ayurvedic approach to hair loss treatment recommend using such oils and Amla and Bhringaasava oils which are actually hard to find in our countries. That is why, sesame or coconut oil can be used instead.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair LossAlso, you can prepare special natural pastes and lotions to apply to your hair. Boiled to soft, black beans should be mashed and mixed with Fenugreek seeds. This remedy can be applied to your hair 4 times a week before washing. As a huge part of traditional ayurvedic approach, sesame seeds and sesame seed oil can also be used for hair loss treatment. Taking 1-2 drops of sesame oil every morning is believed to improve your hair quality.

In addition to these methods of ayurvedic treatment for hair loss, it is highly recommended to go in for yoga and learning meditation techniques for stress reduction. These techniques can be effective for improving the blood circulation all over the body and strengthening your overall health. The main benefit of using ayurvedic treatment for hair loss is the opportunity not only decrease hair falling out, but also improve your general health and physical condition.

Hair Loss Surgery

Many of us heard about hair loss surgery as a treatment for hair loss and related problems. Such treatments as hair transplants or scalp reduction can be used in those situations, when other conservative treatments of androgenetic alopecia can not give positive results. Hair transplant surgeries have been practiced for more than 40 years and nowadays, modern men and women can enjoy the most effective and advanced technologies of hair transplantation.

Hair Loss SurgeryThe procedure of surgical hair transplantation is done by taking pieces of healthy hair (together with skin) and planting it in the bald areas of the scalp. It is a very slow process as during the surgery, cosmetic surgeon takes very tiny pieces of skin with one few hairs from the back side of the patient’s scalp. That is why usually several sessions of such procedure are needed to receive some good results and make it look there is a full head of hair.

Scalp reduction is another popular type of hair loss surgery. As the name suggests, it means simple decreasing the hairless scalp area. Usually, skin on the head is very flexible and quite stretched, so there’s an opportunity to remove a part of hairless skin and cover the area up with a piece of scalp covered with hair. It is possible to combine these two techniques to receive more natural looking hairline.

These hair loss treatments are quite effective, but still they are connected with certain risks and drawbacks. There are very high risks of inflammation, allergies and itchiness of the scalp, as well as the risks of infections, scarring and other problems. In addition, hair transplants and scalp reduction are quite expensive. The price for hair transplantation can vary between 3,000 and 20,000 dollars. If you are still considering a hair loss surgery, look for a board-certified specialists: cosmetic or plastic surgeons, who are well-qualified for doing this job.

Mustard Oil To Treat Hair Loss

Many experts advise using natural or herbal remedies for such common problem as hair thinning and loss. Such product as high quality mustard oil can be used to treat hair loss effectively and with no fears for having possible unwanted side effects. At that, the effectiveness of mustard oil for hair loss can be improved by teaming this herbal remedy with a little bit of henna. This herb is more commonly used for making hair a little reddish and darker, but it can assist in hair lost treatments as well.

Mustard OilIn addition, a combination of high quality mustard oil and henna leaves can not only be a simple and safe solution for hair loss, but also can be used by those women who want to make their hair look better and more beautiful as this herbal mixture is used for nourishing and moisturizing our hair. Both henna leaves and mustard oil for hair loss can be found in local grocery stores or special herbal shops around the world. It is recommended to find only fresh products as henna loses its powers over time.

To achieve good effects, you can use mustard oil directly. Take several drops of high-quality mustard oil onto your palm and rub it gently into your scalp. Then, make sure that the oil got saturated in your hair, cover up your hair with the towel and keep it fr up to 8 hours (or overnight). In the morning, wash your hair with your regular shampoo and condition it. You’ll see that your hair looks healthier, brighter and more silky.

Also, you can prepare a special tincture for your hair, which would be a combination of mustard oil and henna leaves. Boil about 250 g of high quality mustard oil in a large pot on medium fire (beware of splashes). Take 60 g of henna leaves, add them to boiling oil and leave until they burn or turn brown. Filter the mixture and let it cool down overnight. Rub the mixture into your scalp and leave for 3-4 hours, and then wash away with your regular shampoo. To strengthen the effects, you can add several drops of lemon juice or garlic juice to the mixture. Apply this wonderful treatment to your hair once a month.

Tips For Effective Hair Care In Winter

Winter is usually a real challenge for our hair. Temperature fluctuations, the necessity to use headwear, avitaminosis, seasonal depression and many other factors affect our hair health in winter. That’s why in this season, some of us have to face such problems as dull or brittle hair, split ends, and even hair loss and thinning. What can we do to protect our hair against these negative factors and influences? Check out our tips for effective hair care in winter.

1. Hair Care In WinterAvoid washing your hair too frequently, but if you really have to do so, try using dry shampoos some days a week. Dry shampoos can be sprinkled into your hair and then combed off with your hair brush.

2. To improve your hair quality in winter, use hair conditioner regularly as a part of your strategy of effective hair care in winter.

3. Avoid using hot water for washing your hair. It can not only cause problems with hair, but also can be linked to your general health problems (i.e. cause colds, etc.).

4. For good hair care in winter, do not use your hairdryer or curling irons too often. These devices cause hair damage and drying, which can be more dangerous in winter time and stimulate hair loss.

5. Use proper scarfs, hats, caps or other headwear to protect your hair and head from low temperatures. However, be sure that your headwear is not too tight and does not slow down blood circulation in your scalp.