Remember To Take Care Of Your Skin After Hair Loss

Hair loss, no matter what its cause is, brings a lot of misery and sadness to everyone who suffers from it. As soon as we start noticing hair loss, we start looking for effective treatments and ways to stop or at least slow down hair loss. At that, some people choose to undergo surgical procedures, some choose using wigs and artificial hair. Recently, it became very popular to use various natural hair loss treatments, which include various herbal remedies like hornbeam, rosemary, horsetail, ginkgo biloba, basil, lavender, rose water and essential oils like camphor oil, ylang ylang oil, clove bud oil, mustard oil, Amla hair oil and so on. Read more »

Orange Essential Oil For Hair Loss

Orange essential oil is one of the most common oils used in aromatherapy for treating many ailments and health conditions. This oil is produced mostly in Brazil and has amazing tonic, antiseptic, rejuvenating, sedative, relaxing and moisturizing properties. It is very widely used for various skin care creams, lotions and other cosmetic products. In addition, orange essential oil is considered one of the best and most effective natural treatments for hair loss which is available for all modern women. Read more »

Clove Bud Oil For Hair Loss

Clove bud oil is one of the most important essential oils that play a role of one of the most effective natural hair loss treatments. This oil is extracted by steam distillation from buds, leaves and stems of the plant Eugenia caryophyllata and has warm, a little spice aroma. This oil has a great history of usage and its benefits (including antiseptic, analgesic, carminative, anti-inflammatory, stimulant and many others) were known in Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, as well as Ancient China. Nowadays, clove bud oil is known as one of the most potent essential oils which has an important place in aromatherapy. Read more »

A New Technology For Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

follicular unit extractionVarious surgical approaches to hair loss are considered to be quite effective though quite expensive till now. That is why not many of modern people can afford those. However, scientists go on working on creating new effective surgical technologies for hair loss treatments, and follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of those amazing innovations. This brand new technology is now being pioneered by the specialists of some world’s leading clinics like the Harley Street Hair Clinic.

The main advantage of this technique is its being scar-free and minimally invasive. FUE hair transplant technique is considered to be among the best and promising types of cosmetic surgery, which can help people gain back their natural looking hair. The procedure starts with a consultation with a surgeon, during which the specialist is doing necessary medical analysis of the client’s condition, explains the specifics of the follicular unit extraction and discusses with the client possible options and outcomes. Read more »

Hair Loss Medications Affect Men’s Sexual Health In The Long Run

There are a lot of advantages of using only natural treatments for hair loss, and here’s one more very serious reason for you to choose natural solutions for hair loss like essential oils, medicinal herbs or Provillus, which has only natural ingredients. Recent studies have revealed that negative side effects of using many hair loss medications may last not only when you are using the medications, but also they tend to persist when the medications are discontinued.

According to the findings of a research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, using such hair loss medications as Propecia, Proscar, and Avodart may be linked to prolonged negative side effects like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, as well as depression and psychological disorders linked to these problems. It is connected with such an ingredient of these medications as 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, which block the action of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone which regulates male hormone actions and is very potent. Read more »

Amla Hair Oil

Amla Hair OilAmla hair oil is a pretty much known natural treatment for hair loss. This amazing natural oil has been used for centuries and considered one of the best known folk remedies for strong and shiny hair. It is received and based on miraculous properties of Amla (Indian gooseberry), which gives our hair natural chine and gorgeous look.

Amla oil is one of the oldest herbal remedies which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its numerous therapeutic actions and benefits. It is known as a great natural hair conditioner which can be applied directly to the hair and assist in nourishing hair follicles, this way preventing and slowing down hair loss. Very often, natural products, hair oils and conditioners with amla hair oil also have such natural additives as henna, coconut oil, almond extracts, olive oil and many others. As a natural treatment for hair loss, amla hair oil has no dangerous side effects and its usage is not linked to any sort of negative outcomes. Read more »