Useful Hair Care Tips

In spite of numerous advanced technologies which can help everyone of us improve our hair condition, assist us in re-growing and restoring our hair, natural hair beauty and health do not lose their value. Hair care is one of the main topics of today’s public concern because it is our hair which can help us define our image and change it when we feel need in doing that. At that, not everyone of us is well aware about the rules of proper hair care. Below, there are several interesting recommendations and hair care tips, which can help us improve our hair health, prevent hair loss and make our hair look gorgeous at any time of year. Read more »

Interesting Facts About Our Hair And Its Health

Hair is one of the principle elements of our image, that is why most of us treasure our hair and take proper care about it. We buy special shampoos, hair conditioners and tonics in order to nourish and moisturize our hair, and we use all possible hair styling techniques for making our hair look bright and gorgeous. However, to be efficient in hair care and prevent visiting unintentional harm upon our hair, it is very important to know everything about human hair and its health. Check out some interesting facts below. Read more »

Almond Oil For Hair Loss

Along with other essential oils, almond oil can be used as an effective natural treatment for hair loss, as well as for improving hair quality and making your hair look great. This oil is received by cold pressure from sweet almond seeds. It is one of essential oils that are the most commonly used in cosmetics, especially for skin care. For improving skin health, almond oil is usually combined with jojoba oil, and this combination is considered to be one of the greatest natural remedies for face care: in particular, it can be used for makeup removal, for improving the quality of eyelashes and for other purposes. Read more »

A Hair Loss Robot Approved By The FDA

Day by day, hair loss is affecting more and more people, making the world’s leading scientists and medical specialists work harder to find out new natural treatments for hair loss and new interesting approaches and techniques for solving this very common problem. Recently, a new amazing technology, so called hair loss robot which includes an interactive robotic arm, a computer interface, special screening technologies and other “miracles of science”, was introduced and officially approved for commercial use by the Food And Drug Association. Read more »

Braiding And Weaves Increase The Risks Of Hair Loss

In our times, hair loss has turned into a problem of both genders though the causes for male and female hair loss patterns are different. Recently, the findings of a study were published suggesting that certain hairstyles like weaves, tight braiding and others may also be a reason behind female type hair loss. It is reported that the hairstyles which are dominant in modern African-American women can cause special scarring on the scalp leading to various inflammations and hair weakening and loss. Read more »

Grapefruit Essential Oil For Hair Loss

Essential oils play a very important role among numerous natural treatments for hair loss. Grapefruit essential oil is one of the key oils that can be used to prevent hair loss and thinning, to improve your hair quality and make your hair look rich and shiny. This oil has a variety of very useful natural properties, including anti-inflammatory, calming, antiseptic, anti-stress and anti-depressant, etc. This natural product can be sound as a key ingredient of many cosmetic products, including various hair care and skin care products. Read more »