Hair Color Is A Factor That Helps Estimate Prostate Cancer Risk In Men

prostate cancer riskIt is a known fact that our hair can tell a lot of things about us: what kind of persons we are, how we feel about ourselves in this world, and certainly what health problems we have. Improper hair or a lack of hair care can tell that this person is not very much interested in the way he or she looks, thus can be having some personal problems. Poor hair is an indicator of many possible disorders and health problems. However, in addition to that, it turned out that hair care can also give information about possible diseases and health risks the person can be exposed to. In particular, according to the latest findings of a research group at Finland’s National Institute for Health and Medicine in Helsinki, published earlier this month in an online issue of the British Journal of Cancer, hair color of modern men can be understood as a key factor to tell what chances this man has to suffer from prostate cancer later in life. Read more »

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Coconut Oil For Hair GrowthUndoubtedly, coconut oil is one of the latest trends in the market of skin and hair care products. For the moment, it is a very well promoted and a greatly demanded natural remedy. I know so well that some of us tend to develop a suspicious attitude toward the products which are too much promoted and too much talked about. I understand that, and very often I feel the same. However, we must remember that coconut oil is definitely not the one to hesitate about. This natural product has been used for many centuries and helped millions of women to improve their hair quality, grow long and gorgeous hair, feel proud about their hair and feel very secure about the way they look. Read more »

Straightforward Tips on How to Cut our Hair

cut out hairAlthough some of us may choose to utilise the services of a barber for our hair cutting needs, there are times when performing such a task from our homes can save both time and money. Scissors, shampoo and a quality comb are handy accessories that you’ll need and they cost little to purchase. If we combine these items with the use of mirrors to see those hard-to-reach areas, obtaining that perfect style suddenly becomes much more realistic.

Besides the previously mentioned tools, some many wish to employ other devices such as curlers, hair irons, electric clippers or hair elastics. Read more »

Hair Masks To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair masksHair loss is a condition familiar to millions of men, and according to the most optimistic estimations, every year it affects up to two more million men around the world. For most of them, hair loss is linked with stresses, a lack of self-confidence, depression, and many other negative things. It is sad to say but hair loss is something close to inevitable for most of men (unlike women who have considerably higher chances to stop hair loss and successfully regrow their hair back), and genetics is to blame. However, it is never recommended to give up and believe that you have no weapons in your hands to fight against the condition. Men of all nations and ages who suffer from hair loss use plenty of special hair care products designed to slow down and possibly stop hair loss. Besides, a great deal of men have reported about using some natural hair loss remedies, including essential oils or special hair loss solutions. Hair masks are one of those, and they are considered quite advantageous due to their effectiveness and availability. Try some of those: see a few hair mask recipes for men offered by an American hair loss specialist. Read more »

Hair Care Products May Contain Dangerous Chemical Ingredients

Dangerous ChemicalWe all use various hair care products, including shampoos, hair conditioners, hair sprays, and many many others. Most of us try to choose only those hair care products which are based on natural ingredients and have a less chemical components as possible. That’s because we are aware about the fact that the greater number of artificially synthesized components a product has, the more harmful to our health it can be. That is very true, and according to the most recent findings, there is one chemical which can be found in a great number of cosmetic and hair care products, and it can cause very serious skin allergies and possibly even more serious skin disorders in many people who choose to use these kind of products. This chemical ingredient has got a name of MI; it is a preservative and it can be found in plenty of modern shampoos, hair moisturizers, as well as shower gels and baby wipes. Read more »

Argan Oil Benefits For Hair

Argan Oil BenefitsThough argan oil for hair is a relatively new product on today’s hair care market, it has already gained a tremendous popularity among those women who are in need of a natural and effective hair loss treatment. This is a very old natural hair loss solution known also as Moroccan hair oil. It is produced from the fruits of some trees that grow in Morocco, and the oil has been used for centuries by local women as a great natural solution for various skin and hair health problems. Modern time’s studies have shown that argan hair oil is rich in natural substances like vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids which play a role as essential nutrients for our excellent skin and hair condition. Though high quality argan oil is quite an expensive product, it is recommended to everyone who is in need of great natural hair loss treatment. There are a good number of argan oil benefits for hair and skin reported by those who’ve already tried this miraculous product. Read more »