Quake Stress Is A Reason Of Massive Hair Loss In New Zealand

The February 2011 Christchurch earthquake killed over 180 people and caused pretty much of damage: physical, economic, social and so on. It is considered the second baddest natural disaster in the whole history of New Zealand. Along with this, health care specialists started noticing that more and more people (mainly females) show up with obvious signs of severe hair loss, including the girls as young as eight. That is why it was supposed that quake stress can be one of the sheer reasons for people to suffer from hair loss. Read more »

9 Common Reasons For Hair Loss

Menopause. Hair thinning and hair loss are the main companions of the women who have entered menopause. Specialists usually explain this phenomena with sever hormonal shifts which occur in woman’s body during menopause. Do not get too frightened if you experience menopause-linked hair loss: it is considered quite a normal thing.

Psychological traumas and stresses. These are among the leading causes of hair loss. Researches have shown that stresses make our hair enter its resting stage, and supported by nutritional deficiencies, hair starts getting weak and falling out. Read more »

New Baldness Calculator To Tell You When You Go Bald

Hair loss is a very serious problem which currently affects a great deal of people, men and women of almost all ages, and it is very important to attract attention to this embarrassing condition and make everything possible to educate people on how to prevent it. Probably, that is why recently a new and very interesting online tool was launched by a group of German experts leaded by Dr Adolf Klenk, a hair loss specialist associated with the Alpecin research institute. A new online baldness calculator now can help everyone to find out when he or she is going to go bald. Read more »

Cinnamon Oil For Hair Loss

cinnamon oil for hair loss Cinnamon is well know to all of us as a culinary spice with awesome aroma to add to cookies, apple pies, jams and so on. Cinnamon extracts are also used in perfumery and cosmetic industry for producing various skin care products. Those natural extracts have excellent rejuvenating, nourishing and warming properties, as well as natural stimulating powers. That is why cinnamon oil plays and important role in hair care and can be recommended to every individual who suffers from such problems as hair loss (both male and female patterns), hair thinning, weak and brittle hair, etc. Read more »

Myths And Truth About Our Hair

Many of us believe in some ideas or “facts” related to hair care, which should actually be considered myths. Certainly, there is a greta deal of such myths not only about hair loss, but also about many other common issues like weight loss, healthy nutrition, skin care and so on. All the time we receive a great deal of advice about what we should and what we should not do, and it is very easy to get lost in this abundance of tips and suggestions. Below, you can check out a number of very common hair care myths and facts. Read more »

Is Your Shampoo Calorie Free?

We all know for sure that such a problem as obesity and having extra weight can be solved by a successful combination of a healthy and low calorie diet and a regular exercise program. But who could imagine that the shampoos we are all using could also cause weight gain? According to the findings of a recent research, our shampoos and other beauty products contain harmful chemical compounds which actually contribute to BMI increase. Specialists at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York found out that such compounds as phthalates, which can be commonly found in various soaps and shampoos, are among those harmful ones. Read more »