The Causes Of Autumn Hair Loss In Women

Many women notice that every year in late autumn and early winter their hair loss tends to escalate. Have you ever noticed anything like this? Some women start worrying very much and afraid of being left with baldy patches on their scalp. However, many specialists say that autumn hair loss should not be a reason to worry for any woman on earth. To calm down, we can check out the newly published findings of a group of Swedish hair loss experts, which can be found in the journal Dermatology. The researchers carried out a long term study of the problem, and came up with several important conclusions. Read more »

A Pill To Prevent Grey Hair

Grey HairGorgeous, healthy and beautiful hair is one of the key elements of everyone’s appearance. However, healthy and good looking hair is a dream for many modern people, both men and women. A great deal of people suffer from such common problem as hair loss, which is linked to numerous reasons like improper hair care, stresses, genetic factors, hormonal shifts, improper nutrition and bad eating habits, and many more. Along with thinning hair, a lot of people after 35 suffer from such problem as grey hair, and it also brings a lot of stresses and negative emotions to them. Read more »

Wearing Wigs For Irish Dancing Can Trigger Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common condition nowadays, and both modern men and women suffer from it to a great extent. Hair loss brings tons of negative emotions and stresses to almost everyone who has to face this problem. There are a great number of causes of hair loss, specified by experts and scientists. Those include insufficient diet and a lack of certain nutrients, genetic factors, hormonal shifts, stresses and psychological pressure, improper hair care and using certain hair styling types, taking some medications, and many more. Recently, it was found out that such factor as wearing wigs can also result in hair loss in women. Read more »

Divorce Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Female Type Hair Loss

Such stressful situation as divorce is very often linked to tons of emotional problems, heartache and tears. According to the findings of a new study, in addition to all these hardships, a divorcing woman is likely to have to deal with hair loss as well. A group of specialists carried out a research and found out that divorce or losing a husband as a result of accident or a sudden death are definitely the second strongest causes of hair loss in women (after genetic factors). The stresses linked to the mentioned problems are very strong and hard to cope with for many women. Read more »

A New Approach To Female Hair Loss Approved By The FDA

Undoubtedly, women are much more sensitive to their hair quality and suffer very hard when they are experiencing hair loss. All women want to have rich, thick and gorgeous hair. However, such factors as the environment, poor nutrition, hormonal shifts during menopause, chronic stresses, taking certain medications, improper hair care and many others very commonly cause hair loss in modern women. Fortunately, there’s a variety of available and affordable options like special shampoos, hair tonics, scalp massages with essential oils and other natural hair loss treatments. But sometimes women need something more effective and faster. Read more »

Molecular Signals Open A Way For New Hair Loss Treatment

Many people have serious problems when coping with hair loss, that is why scientists go on studying the problem and looking for the best and most effective solutions and hair loss treatments. Recently, the findings of a new study carried out by the specialists at Yale University were published revealing a new tendency in hair loss treatment efforts. It is reported that the study has shown that there are certain molecular signals coming from stem cells within the fatty layer of the skin, and it is supposed that this signals can help in triggering hair grows and playing a role for a new effective natural treatment for hair loss. Read more »