Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Hair

Omega 3 Fatty Acids For HairWe all know that to a great extent, the health and the look of our hair depends on our nutrition. In particular, an important role is played by such micro-element as zinc, which is usually lacking in our daily diet. Zinc is a vital element for hair loss prevention and providing great hair growth. Iron is another essential mineral, and unfortunately, iron deficiency is quite common in modern women. Iron is one of the micro-elements for improving our hair quality and strengthening it. At the same time, not many of us know about the importance of omega 3 fatty acids for hair, but specialists like Andrew Weil, M.D.,  a professor of medicine and the leader of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona in Tucson, suggest us not to forget using the nutrient to support our hair health. Read more »

Top Remedies For Dry Firzzy Hair

Home Remedies For Frizzy HairAre you well familiar with such a problem as dry frizzy hair? A great deal of modern ladies know so well how hard it can be to face this kind of problem and how difficult can it be to find an answer to the question, how to stop frizzy hair. This kind of hair needs extra moisturizing and extra nourishing hair care products. Though it is claimed that special shampoos or hair conditioners for dry frizzy hair are very good, they may not work in all conditions and for all types of hair. That’s the time to use the most common home remedies for frizzy hair. Herbal remedies or natural products which can be used for preparing such home made natural solutions can be easily found in our kitchens or in our markets and beauty shops. Read more »

Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

Tea Tree Mint ShampooMint shampoo is a relatively new item in the today’s market of hair care products, but it is enjoying increasing population among modern ladies and gentlemen who are concerned about the look and health of their hair. Mint shampoo is considered an excellent natural hair cleanser and conditioner which can be used to make hair look healthy and glowing. This type of hair care products has amazing stimulant, nutritious, hydrating, strengthening, and conditioning properties. Nowadays, in order to increase the mentioned effects of mint shampoo and strengthen its natural properties, the leading hair care specialists created several new enriched types of this product, like lavender mint shampoo, rosemary mint shampoo, and, certainly, tea tree mint shampoo, one of the most demanded and popular ones. Read more »

Oily Scalp Treatment

oily scalp treatmentA great deal of us suffer from the problem of oily scalp and oily hair. Oily scalp is caused by overproduction of sebum by subaceous glands of a person’s scalp that results in coating hair follicles, as well as making hair look oily, dirty and unattractive. Oily hair causes more discomfort to those who have straight and flat hair because sebum can spread much faster on straight hair shafts compared to curly ones. Specialists believe that if you see that in order to look healthy and attractive your hair must be washed every day, then you do have oily scalp. Oily scalp treatment requires certain knowledge. It is really hard to deal with such problem, so you should take several factors (like always using an oily scalp shampoo or avoiding too much combing) should be taken into consideration. Read more »

Oregano Oil For Hair Care And Growth

Oregano Oil BenefitsOregano oil is a very popular natural product with a multitude of medicinal uses and therapeutic properties. It is extracted from leaves and flowers of wild oregano plant (not the oregano we all know as a common culinary spice) by using the technique of cold distillation. Oregano oil benefits include a great deal of healing actions, starting from its being a powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent, and ending up with its excellent diuretic, tonic, aphrodisiac, and other properties. This natural product is recommended to those who suffer from minor digestive problems, who need to reduce the symptoms of cold and respiratory system infections, who need to stimulate weight loss and speed up toxin removal from the body. Read more »

Best Prevention For Hair Loss

Prevention For Hair LossHair loss and prevention for hair loss are among the most common topics of public discussions and opinion sharing. A great deal of people in today’s world suffer from this serious problem, and nowadays it turned into a real curse for many women despite the fact that hair loss has been for many years known as solely men’s problem. Even young ladies in their early 30s report about increased hair thinning and loss, so they are looking for effective cures and hair loss treatments. Fortunately, there are many effective solutions, including transplant surgeries, medications, special hair care products, or natural treatments for hair loss. Read more »