Oily Scalp Treatment

oily scalp treatmentA great deal of us suffer from the problem of oily scalp and oily hair. Oily scalp is caused by overproduction of sebum by subaceous glands of a person’s scalp that results in coating hair follicles, as well as making hair look oily, dirty and unattractive. Oily hair causes more discomfort to those who have straight and flat hair because sebum can spread much faster on straight hair shafts compared to curly ones. Specialists believe that if you see that in order to look healthy and attractive your hair must be washed every day, then you do have oily scalp. Oily scalp treatment requires certain knowledge. It is really hard to deal with such problem, so you should take several factors (like always using an oily scalp shampoo or avoiding too much combing) should be taken into consideration.

First thing that you should avoid if you suffer from oily hair is washing your hair too very often. In summer season, the problem usually gets even worse and your hair may need daily washing which is actually fine for oily hair. You can wash your hair daily, but not more often. Second very important thing you need to keep in mind is using ONLY special shampoos and hair conditioners designed SPECIALLY for oily hair. Such products can be of a great help for lowering excess sebum production and making your hair look fresh for a longer period of time. Special oily scalp shampoo and hair conditioner can be selected from a great number of such products available in today’s hair care product market.

One more important issue is paying a proper attention to hair styling. Specialists say that most of hair styling products contain excessive amounts of oil, as well as harsh chemicals which can cause serious damage and increased sebum production. Remember that it is preferable to choose only natural hair care and hair styling products, especially those rich in natural amino acids and natural cleansers. Also, do not always choose drying products including special drying oily scalp shampoos because drying effects can sometimes cause more harm than good. So, if you are thinking about oily scalp treatment and improving your condition, switch shampoos often and opt only for natural hair care products.

Finally, use natural treatments and herbal remedies for oily scalp. In particular, experts recommend using natural astringents like castor oil, carrot oil, arnica oil, aloe vera, and others, for oily scalp treatment. Applying such kind of astringents (possibly with a ball of cotton) to your scalp twice a week can help you in lowering the activities of sebacous glands and decrease oily hair problem. It is also recommended to check out hormones and possibly use medications because in many cases hormonal shifts are a cause of oily scalp. Following a healthy diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, beans and nuts, can be one final suggestion to those who suffer from oily scalp. Avoid harsh brushing and harsh treatment, give up smoking and learn stress management techniques to lower the effects of stresses.

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