Natural Hair Loss Treatment Options

Natural Hair Loss TreatmentsThe list of natural hair loss treatments includes phyto-shampoos, gels and balsams, which are based on natural effects of herbs or plants known for their properties to slow down hair falling out. Such herbs as Straw flower (Helicrysum cracteatum), nettle (Urtica gen.), chamomile (Matricaris spp.), tea tree oil, milfoil (Achillea milefoilum), Aloe Vera, St. John’s Wort (Hypercium gen.), lime tree blossom (Titla gen) and others are the most commonly used for phyto-hair loss treatments.

However, such shampoos and balsams are usually commercially produced, and those ladies who want to be sure in the quality and effectiveness of their natural hair loss treatments can try using special homemade hair masks. In particular, you can mix 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera juice, 1 teaspoon of Castor oil and 1 table spoon of high quality honey. Keep this mixture on your hair for 30-40 minutes, then wash you hair with chamomile tincture or warm water. You can repeat this treatment 1-2 times a week.

Another natural balsam was used by women living in Tibet mountains.  Prepare a mixture of 100 g of burdock oil, 1 g of Rose oil, 1 g of Eucalyptus oil and 1 g of Sea Buckthorn oil. Rub this mixture carefully into your scalp and keep for 30 minutes, then wash your hair with a shampoo. Natural oil will nourish and moisturize your scalp, helping to create a new favorable environment for restoring your old hair follicles and the development of new ones.

When thinking about natural approaches to hair loss treatment, it is necessary also to take into consideration a proper nutrition. Very often imbalanced nutrition and bad eating habits become a reason of hair loss. You should maintain a healthy balance of minerals (iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, etc.) and vitamins (especially Vitamins B and PP). The best sources of the mentioned elements include vegetables, fish, red meat, fresh and dry fruit, beans, nuts, dairy products and others.

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