Natural Hair Loss Solutions from Your Kitchen

HerbsMany people prefer looking for natural solutions for their ailments and health concerns believing that our Mother Nature has keys for any problem of ours. Nowadays, natural remedies, such as plant extracts and tinctures, various brews and teas, are extremely popular and demanded. Natural remedies have numerous advantages: using them is connected with less side effects and pain. Besides, natural remedies can help us avoid extra expenses, unlike modern advanced medical treatments. However, if you rely on natural remedies only, you should be patient as it takes longer to receive stable positive results.

There is a great deal of natural treatments for hair loss, which include mostly herbs and essential oils. They can be easily prepared and used by everyone at home. Moreover, did you know that many effective hair loss solutions can be found right away in your kitchen? Below, there are some natural remedies for hair loss reduction and prevention, which are frequently used by today’s housewives and must be available at every kitchen:

  • Red Pepper. You can use red pepper as a poultice and apply directly to the balding spots. The main effect is to cause a little skin irritation and stimulate blood flow to your head, which, in turn, is supposed to encourage hair re-growth.
  • Onions. A solution of onion juice can be rubbed into the scalp before shampooing. Also, onion juice can be used as a component of special hair masks and poultices.
  • Garlic. It is very effective to do scalp massages with some drips of garlic juice before applying shampoo to your hair. However, garlic odor will be left for some time, no matter what kind of shampoo is used.
  • Sage and Apple Vinegar. A mixture of 4 ounces of apple vinegar and 10 drops of sage essential oil improves the condition of your scalp and helps to create a very good environment for hair re-growth. Rub this mixture into your scalp and keep it for 30 minutes, then use your shampoo. Remember that this procedure can have some slight drying effects on your scalp.
  • Rosemary oil. It is a very strong hair growth stimulant, which can be massaged directly into your scalp (if you have sensitive skin, you can add some Jojoba oil) after washing your hair. It is quite safe remedy (which, however, must not be used by pregnant women) and in few months its effects must be noticeable.
  • Safflower Oil, Lavender Oil, Bay Oil or Cedar oil. These essential oils stimulate blood circulation and allow more nutrients to be delivered to your scalp. Also, they have positive effects on the skin, heal and clean it, make it smoother. Rubbing essential oils into your scalp regularly is a great treatment to control hair loss, especially for women.
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  2. Daniel says:

    I am lossing my hair. My hair is getting tinny and I am getting bald gradually. So please advice on this. I have seen the remedial natural plants but I need to confirm them if some guys could tell me who used it parctically.


  3. ranjani says:

    if i use oil to my hair my head starts aching a lot.