Mustard Oil To Treat Hair Loss

Many experts advise using natural or herbal remedies for such common problem as hair thinning and loss. Such product as high quality mustard oil can be used to treat hair loss effectively and with no fears for having possible unwanted side effects. At that, the effectiveness of mustard oil for hair loss can be improved by teaming this herbal remedy with a little bit of henna. This herb is more commonly used for making hair a little reddish and darker, but it can assist in hair lost treatments as well.

Mustard OilIn addition, a combination of high quality mustard oil and henna leaves can not only be a simple and safe solution for hair loss, but also can be used by those women who want to make their hair look better and more beautiful as this herbal mixture is used for nourishing and moisturizing our hair. Both henna leaves and mustard oil for hair loss can be found in local grocery stores or special herbal shops around the world. It is recommended to find only fresh products as henna loses its powers over time.

To achieve good effects, you can use mustard oil directly. Take several drops of high-quality mustard oil onto your palm and rub it gently into your scalp. Then, make sure that the oil got saturated in your hair, cover up your hair with the towel and keep it fr up to 8 hours (or overnight). In the morning, wash your hair with your regular shampoo and condition it. You’ll see that your hair looks healthier, brighter and more silky.

Also, you can prepare a special tincture for your hair, which would be a combination of mustard oil and henna leaves. Boil about 250 g of high quality mustard oil in a large pot on medium fire (beware of splashes). Take 60 g of henna leaves, add them to boiling oil and leave until they burn or turn brown. Filter the mixture and let it cool down overnight. Rub the mixture into your scalp and leave for 3-4 hours, and then wash away with your regular shampoo. To strengthen the effects, you can add several drops of lemon juice or garlic juice to the mixture. Apply this wonderful treatment to your hair once a month.

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44 Responses to “Mustard Oil To Treat Hair Loss”

  1. Ganesh says:


    I will start to use mustard oil, but before that how often i should use that oil in month…?? Weekly thrice can i use….?? please advice….

  2. GbollyShow says:

    I really appreciate your efforts on revealing this secret to people.
    I’ve just finished reading about this Remedy.
    Questions to ask.
    1. Please, where the Mustard Oil can be bought?
    2. Just hearing Henna for the 1st time. How can it be identified?.
    3. Can it be applied more than once a month?
    4. Can it be used on side part of a HEAD (not middle-head )?
    God bless U

  3. Fakhre alam says:

    Mustard oil has no side effects. Henna is a green powder. You can use it as many times u want. I’ll suggest to use it everyday. In the morning wash ur hair with shampoo and apply again. This will be a rapid remedy.

  4. Fakhre alam says:

    I’ve another treatment. My uncle applied and i think its the best therapy and its very simple . All u need is to take alovera plant(not sure about the spelling) . Its a decorating plant used in most homes offices. It has leaves only and the leaves are thick. What u ppl need is to cut a leaf from the plant . Now again cut the leaf in the middle and rub it in ur hairs. Be patient and apply few leaves. Repeat this process once a weak . Please report here if u get things better with this therapy.

  5. Fakhre alam says:

    Cut the leaf crossectionally

  6. muhammad says:

    i think by using that it will surely change the colour of hair as well,isnt it

  7. Grissom says:

    I’ve used it for years and it keeps my hair strong and thick

    nice texture too

  8. Divya says:

    I’ve also read a couple of places that coconut oil is good for hair thinning and hair loss. I am in my early 20’s and my hair has already started falling – A LOT!
    Please suggest which oil is better? Coconut or mustard? Or olive? Or any other?

  9. Suguna says:

    Coconut oil is good for hair but it wont control too much of hair loss. Mustard oil is good for hair loss. Olive oil makes your hair looking healthy and shiny.

  10. Tanmoy says:

    It’s awesome……i’ve used it for several months and i get the excellent result……..everyday ! My damaged hair becomes thick n strong …….just like a magic … try it

  11. pattabi says:

    is mustard oil is good for grey hair plse tell me which oil is good for healthy hair

  12. Nadia says:

    Hi, i suffered from alopecia (bald patches) and lost 80% of my hair. It started last year in mid march with two bald patches in d middle of my scalp wich later formed into one big patch n spread rapidly. My doctor could not help neither could the dermatologist. By july i had lost literally most of my hair. My cream carpet was covered with hair each day, the plug hole in the shower use to get blocked also. I had hair upto my waist. Sadly i have lost it all. Because it was also snaping. But i now have hair upto my chin wich is all new hairs. Im so happy and its thicker! The only thing i used was mustard oil mixed with plain yoghurt and rubbed into my scalp 3 times a week for upto a hour or three at times. Avoided hair dryer and straightners too. Wore a wig short term but now im happy with my hair. Mustard oil works but smells! I now use it once a week and also use coconut oil once a week. The hair products i use are from the vatika range and a hair oil called dabur amla. You can get this from asda stores or try a local asian shop it will be cheaper. I use the wild cactus shampoo. Works 4 me! X

  13. Nadia says:

    By the way mustard oil may give some ppl headaches as it is strong. It gives me a headache but it does really work so i deal with it! Coconut oil makes my hair shiny and stronger. I guess it depends on each individual on what would suit them best. I think mustard, coconut, almond and dabur amla oil are all good 4 hair growth and healthier looking hair. Bear in mind dabur amla oil over time may make your hair colour darker so dont use it too much if u have light hair x

  14. naz says:


  15. Inam says:

    I started losing my hair around the crown area, however I have managed to halt it, and I have noticed clearly that new hair is growing. I used a combination therapy of supplements and oils. I began by taking low doses of Zinc and Copper (chelated). I made sure that I am getting enough Vitamin B complex. I use Shikakai powder as a natural shampoo and conditioner. I have stopped using all shampoos. I sometimes use Herbal Essences Conditioner with Jojoba, Vitamin E and rose hips which makes my hair look brilliantly conditioned. I use cold pressed olive oil with hint of Frankincence and Lavender, 1 drop each in 500 ml of Olive Oil, a small amount, i.e 1 drop on each finger and massaged in. I avoid blasting my head with a vigourous shower. Good circulation is critical to regrowing hair. I also pick fresh dandelions stems, wash, remove flower and split the stem longitudinally along one side, rub into scalp. Another oil is cold pressed wheat germ oil. I sometimes rub fruit skins into my scalp, I have used half a grape, apple, banana skin. I also once dissolved a good multivitamin tablet that also contained ginko and ginseng, mixed this with wheatgerm, whole wheat flour, spring water, oats, shikakai powder, amla powder, olive oil. molasses, made a runny paste and applied it with brillaint results. I have seen hair regrow where it was almost absent. A doctor advised me to take regular exercise to ensure that blood, hence nutrition reaches the highest point on my head as it stops flowing there as we age. I sometimes take a 100 mg Vitamin C tablet that also contains 15 mg Zinc, and I rub the solution all over my head and face. I use neem powder runny past all over my head and face to kill the demodex mite which lives in the skin and feeds of sebum that is there to nourish the hair shaft and produced within the hair follicle. Using a comb regularly will also help. The idea is to establish a good circulation to the scalp which in turn nourishes follicles which grow hair. I have also used with caution, fresh chillies, sliced open, seeds removed and the skin gently rubbed over bald areas and scalp, this makes the scalp tingle and causes the blood vessels to dilate and improve circualtion. Include garlic in your diet. Include ginger in your diet. If you are a person who drinks too much, that will also be detrimental to your overall health. Applying yogurt will also help. Rubbing your scalp gently with your finger nails will help also.

  16. tasmia says:

    inam my GOD u used so much things…and how u managed to use all these things.means how many times a week u user particular things.i am having female pattern baldness because of pcos.its now about 7,8 years..its not regrowing doctors are saying that i have good scalp..but believe me i dont have pores whenever i see.i not patches but its very thin and on crown area its not regrowing.i have used everything…always feel so much depressed….
    kindly can u tell me in details that how u use these things and how many times a week.i have oily hairs…please friends help me out i am always confused about these oils as there are so much remedies dont know which is best?????????
    share your personal experience in will be so nice of you…

  17. Sweety says:


    I am planning to use mustard oil every alternate days. Is this ok or should I use this once a week only…. kindly suggest.

  18. suman says:

    hey, i have started using mustard oil on my scalp, i hope it is going to work…
    does any body know where can i get henna leaves in the US….?
    please help me

  19. Ritu says:

    is mustard oil is good for dandruff,,,..can i add some camphor cubes in mustard oil to prevent dandruff..??

  20. sanjana says:

    if i leave the musturd oil overnight on my scalp will i get pimples because my skin is oily..

  21. Sanjana758 says:

    Hello everybody

    I am suffering from alopecia. The cause is that i am overstressed. I am still 22 and I am worried about my health. So far, I have been examined by a dermatologist and I have been prescribed some drugs which have worked effectively. I have already suffered from alopecia 5 years back and last year I had the same problem. In order to prevent that from happening again I want to use mustard oil. I have also changed my eating habits. I am slightly underweight. Thanking you in advance. Please reply. I need an urgent response.

  22. Premlata says:

    Hi every1, i m 24 years old
    i m suffering from alopecia areata(hair loss leaving bald spot). Its jus started few daes back and til nw i hav only 1 spot but i dnt want any more bald patches in my head so can any1 suggest tht wat are th precautions i shoud take besides using mustard oil….please r’ply…thanx a lot

  23. Premlata says:

    Helo evry1, i m 24 years old. I m suffering from alopecia areata(hair loss wit bald patches). Its jus startd few dæs bck n til nw i hv one spot in my head, i hv consult a drmatolist also bt stl cn any1 suggest the precautions tht i shud tk so tht no more patches appear in my!

  24. Anil says:

    I am 38, I am suffering from hair loss, Since last month I stated to using Muatard oil,it`s seems to be effective. Can you suggst me frequncy of using this oil and how to use it for better results.

  25. Malina says:

    im from india and im using mustard oil boiled in henna leaves i wanted to know how fast will my hair grow? I also have dandruff??

  26. Gail says:

    Both mustard oil and coconut oil are good. I’ve been told that you should wash it out after about eight hours, but I didn’t and my hair is just fine. I ‘m so glad to hear about this blessing. Just a little is all you need. The mustard oil is strong. But I don’t care, I want hair. I can laugh now because I to have lost most of my hair and I where a wig. It’s to hot for that. It’s been about two weeks now so lets get together and start using and reporting on what does happen when we use the products together. The winter is coming so I can let my head be free. 9-24-11

  27. Tom says:

    i been using musturd seed oil and cocunut oil …. i dont think this remedy is true because my hair is still getin worse!!!! I am 23 this remedy doesnt work for many because in that case why is their expensive products out there?

  28. Prashant Dhama says:

    For All Guys who are suffering from Alopacea Areata and baldness..

    Alopacea Areata: Use Onion and garlic. I mean use garlic once in a day. you can use it at night and sleep, get good sleep. and after 2 nights use onion. Use this every night. Rub these and till the whole juice is applied to the affected area.

    Wait for 10 days and see the result. You will get baby hairs there and apply for 10 more days.

    Hair loss: In India we use mustard oil for cooking and use the same oil for hairs. Initially you’ll see more hairs falling but don’t worry you lost the hairs which were weak and new hairs will grow there. Use it daily, I use it daily and stopped falling of hairs only 10 hairs loose per day. Normally the figure is 48 to 60 in male.

    For best effect, shave your head and apply mustard oil till your head is shiny, shave again and again in every 15 days for thrice and apply mustard oil every day. Believe me it doesn’t smell, I use it and go to work. Nobody complains and now my hairs are stronger, healthier and black.

    Best Regards

  29. usha shrestha says:

    my hair is dry and thin,i have already used mustard oil with ginger and lemon juice but it spilt my hair ends and make thin now what i do for the thick and long hair plzzzzzzzzzz give me a guarented solution which is effective for my hair………which shampoo is effective ?

  30. Charu says:

    Getting henna leaves is difficult? Please suggest there can i get henna leaves in bangalore?

  31. Prashant Dhama says:

    Guys this is hair falling month. Even I got thin hairs these days and these are falling out but the figure is just raised 15-16 hairs per day might be 20… I counsult with doctor then he said it’s hair falling month. The restinghairs will fall. I apply mustard oil all over and clearly see my scalp in high light but it’s normal….

    I got Homeopathy medicine though and will do it for 3 more months and then I’ll see the effect. One of the barber told me that you’ll loose all of your hairs within 3 years but I got alopacea and still I care for them I will keep these hairs with me till death. Rest is on God.

    And one more thing, I spike my hairs with mustard oil and never use gel so I think this is good sign…. they are thicker but those which were thin are falling down…

    BEst REgards,

  32. siddhant raj mishra says:

    ya it is helping me a lot from the past few months
    its amazing

  33. rohima says:

    does mustard oil make hair strong n thick

  34. sowmya says:

    thank u very much for giving us good solutions

  35. sai says:

    i want to ask Nadia that with out yoghurt will mustard oil works.i don’t have bald patches on my head but i want to grow my hair more in denser and control hair fall.because i hate yoghurt .where do i found mustard oil in Hyderabad.pls email me if u can or pls respond to my doubt

  36. sai says:

    and which shampoo is good for hair fall and dandruff

  37. JYTSUEN says:

    i m 16 yr old gal
    i hav ben using mastard oil since last mouth
    n it keps ma hair strong n think n shiny
    i love masard oil
    i advise u all 2 try it once

  38. JYTSUEN says:

    i mean it keps ma hair thick n strong

  39. laney says:

    to SUMAN, you used mustard oil last July, right? any update and did it work?

  40. Kripa says:

    Hello, I am going through so many hair problems, plz help
    I have combinational skin, my hair type is also combinational….scalp is oily and hairs are dry…but i m suffering through high hair fall and it has been very very problematic for me…so should i have some questions, plz help me out
    1.Should i use mustard oil on my scalp as my scalp is oily but hair fall is very high.
    2.Heena makes my hairs more dry so should i use this,is there any other substitute other than heena which can condition my hairs as i need it badly my hairs are way too dry and rough, i want make my hairs shiny,silky, strong and long. and market conditioners make my hairs more weak and causes more hair fall.
    3. Can i add aamla and methidana into mustard oil whiling boiling it..

  41. khurram says:

    Hi everyone ,i am 23 year old guy,i have noticed a bit shedding of hairs, turing into complete M shape,which is a sign of male pattern badness,i have tried mustard oil and coconut oil ,but still have hair loss problem, i think mastard and coconut oils do help,they r good for hairs,but the baldness is mainly caused by heredity factors,u can slow the process of baldness but not completly halt the process of baldness.One more thing i noticed and its a herbal remedy for hairloss, its to drink green tea,green tea helps to control the DHT level,which is responsible for hairloss..stay hairly my fellow

  42. gaurav says:

    Recently my hair started to fall with a huge loss of hairs .. but mustard oil helped to a great extent..

  43. Lexy says:

    Omg where can I get this mustard oil??????