Menopause and Hair Loss

Hair Loss in WomenIt is a known fact that hormonal changes and imbalances are among the leading reasons of temporary or premature hair loss in women. Estrogens (major female hormones) extend the life-cycle of our hair, and androgens (male hormones) reduce it. Both of these types of hormones can be found in a female body, but, undoubtedly, estrogens dominate. When a period of menopause starts, the level of estrogens begins fluctuating and falling down, that is why the level of androgens becomes comparatively higher. As a result, the life cycle of hair gets shorter and shorter, hair gets thinner and starts falling out.

The specialists from the American Academy of Dermatology found out that every second woman who entered the period of menopause is affected by the above mentioned condition. Moreover, sometimes menopause also gives impetus to escalating dermatological problems, lowering thyroid function and other reasons that can stimulate hair loss. Thinking about losing hair usually makes women panic. However, those who noticed hair loss caused by the symptoms of menopause must not feel dejected or depressed. It is quite a natural process that can be handled by a series of natural, medical or surgical treatments. In addition, worries and stresses cane make the situation even worse.

Modern medicine can offer women a variety of effective treatment options for hair loss connected with hormonal changes during menopause. Those include, first of all, drug based measures (such as certain doses of Propecia, Minoxidil (Rogaine), analogs of Prostaglandin, etc.), as well as hormone therapy treatment, nutritional modifications, some types of laser therapies, scalp massage, surgical methods, and so on. These treatments will assist you in restoring your hair, making it stronger and more beautiful.

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  1. Thank you for your article. There are a lot of sites out there that don’t make as much sense about hair loss, so that’s refreshing. I’ve got a similar website myself, so will keep popping back to see what else you’ve posted.