Licorice And Hair Loss

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a known medicinal herb which is native to the Middle East, Europe and the southern areas of the US. It is a perennial plant from a family of legumes, with a great deal of therapeutic values and natural health benefits. It has been used since the times of ancient civilizations for a variety of ailments and disorders including all sorts of problems with respiratory system and liver, as an excellent digestive aid, etc. Health benefits of this known natural remedy also include such healing actions as anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, stimulant, laxative, emenagogue, and many others. It known also as a great natural treatment for hair loss.

Licorice_extractLicorice extract is one of the most commonly used types of herbal remedies made from this medicinal herb. It is produced by using liquorice root and boiling it for several hours, with the subsequent evaporation of the liquid. Many centuries ago it was noticed that using licorice extract is beneficial for hair. In particular, this natural remedy was recommended to those people who suffered from such problem as dandruff. Specialists say that it is possible to use this herbal preparation for normalizing sebum secretion and regulating the amounts of sebum in our scalp.

However, not too long ago it was found out that licorice extract can be very effectively used to prevent hair thinning and play a role as a great natural treatment for hair loss. A series of scientific studies have shown that licorice extract has a very powerful property to inhibit testosterone 5-alpha-reductase, the activities of male hormones which are closely linked to intense hair loss. Thus, by using this natural remedy it is possible to slow down the conversion of testosterone to DHT, this way improving the condition of your hair follicles and preventing hair loss.

If you want to benefit from licorice and improve your hair condition with the help of this natural remedy, the best and the most effective way is simple adding a little of licorice extract directly to your usual shampoo, hair conditioner or other hair care product which you are using regularly. It is necessary to mention that using licorice extract ( as well as other natural remedies and solutions with this herb) is linked to certain unwanted side effects. In particular, it can be very dangerous thus not recommended to use this herb by pregnant women as it can affect the developing fetus.

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